Dimensional Letters
For Your Business

Custom Designed Dimensional Letters

There is always something cool about 3D letters on a wall, building or monument sign! That is why Signarama of Detroit has made dimensional letters one of our specialties.

There are many types of materials that can be used for creating dimensional letters. When you pair our incredible design team with our CNC router table, not only will we create amazing signs, we will create the highest quality with the highest impact.

Dimensional letters and logos are perfect for permanent indoor wall letters behind your reception desk on a wall in your lobby. They are ideal for outdoor building letters or large wayfinding sign programs for hospitals and college campuses. Here are the most common types...

Foam & PVC Plastic Letters

Our lightweight foam letters are perfect for indoors and are extremely durable. Gatorfoam is produced out of a high-density foam core with a hardened smooth surface on the front and back. They are usually routed and then painted in any set of custom colors. 1/4" and 1/2" PVC is our absolute favorite choice for all indoor and outdoor routed dimensional letters. PVC letters are perfect because they allow smooth routing and hold the paint very well. They are the best choice for interior lobby signs and exterior logo signs.

Metal Letters & Logos

If you are looking for a high-end look of a metal sign that is a bit more elegant and polished, then we have the perfect metal letter options for you. We produce solid aluminum letters for outdoor signs and very cost-effective brushed metal or chrome finish letters as well. There are virtually unlimited size and thickness options available with metal letters. We have an excellent portfolio showing the options.

Plastic Letters

Signarma is proud to be a top supplier of Gemini thermoformed plastic letters for interior signs and exterior building letters. These type of plastic letters come with a LIFETIME GUARANTEE against all fading, cracking or peeling. We are experienced at all types of installation of these awesome letters with the strongest warranty in the entire sign industry.

Whatever style you are looking for, order yours today!