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Located in Downtown Detroit, Blo Dry does one thing VERY well, and that’s blow and style your hair. They have an extensive list of services from a simple braid or massage, to adding in hair extensions. Blo Dry was a referral from the client we have worked with for years… it always pays to make customers for life!

The initial reach out the request was simple…..the client was in need of 2 signs (as they were on a corner) as big as possible incorporating the Blo Dry bar logo and color scheme. Our sign consultants consider this Sign Branding.  Based on their branding guidelines the signs could either be illuminated or non-illuminated based on need. With this location needing two signs, their hours of operation, and pretty good-sized signs based on code, the route that made the most sense was the non-lit variation.

Using the client’s bright pink and white color palette these signs were sure to pop!! Such a vibrant color is a ton of fun to use in sign branding projects! Our concept was to fabricate a custom 1.5” deep aluminum sign backer paint that the branded PMS 213 pink and add white acrylic dimensional letters onto the panel. This look gave it a little design flair as opposed to just having a flat vinyl graphic for the business name.

The sign on the main elevation was 4’ x 24’ and the side on the side street was 3.5’ x 16’. With signage as large as this it is not feasible to fabricate in one piece due to size constraints. There was an abutting seam in the middle which our fabrication team did a great job at concealing to minimize once the signs were installed out in the field.

The signs were installed prior to grand opening and the client had nothing but positives to say about the overall look and the “Wow” factor with the pink background. Whatever hair transformation you’re looking for, Blo Dry Bar has you covered!!

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