From the very beginning, our company vision here at Signarama Troy / Metro Detroit has always been to focus on the customer first. That's why we have built the most attentive, talented, service-driven team of employees, creating the FINEST sign staff available in Metro Detroit. Our team of sign experts have received the highest level of training & some have even attended educational programs to expand their sign knowledge even further. We strive to build a fun, creative work environment that is always focused on high-quality & eye-opening signage solutions.

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Bob Chapa

Matthew Godwin

Don Baldino

Michael Stephens

Nickname: Mike
Title: Outside Sales Manager
Rookie Year: 2000
Favorite Type of Sign: Halo Lit Channel Letters

Sports fan... all Detroit teams... favorite teams Michigan State Spartans & Detroit Lions. Like the outdoors running, camping, hiking trails. Into geographic features: caves, canyons, mountains, rivers etc. Family: wife, son, dog (jack-russel shitzu mix). Vacationing up north. Beer enthusiast, breweries.

Randy Watycha

Title: Senior Project Manager
Rookie Year: 2011
Favorite Type of Sign: Pylon Sign

By day a physicist to a handful of talented high performing sign junkies. Guiding us to sign stardom through hard work and dedication. By night a superhero scraping bubble gum and dodging lego's to the greatest boys in the world.

Corinne Skawski

Title: Finance Dept.
Rookie Year: 1985
Favorite Type of Sign: Cast Plaques & Dimensional Signs

After my tiki bar burned down in Bora Bora due to a misguided Polynesian fire dance. I packed up my surf board & hula skirts with the hope of re-discovering my Caribbean vibe back home. I can usually be found at my desk pushing papers dreaming of mojitos & tropical sunsets.

Mithila Krishnan

Nickname: Princess Jasmine
Title: Inside Sales Manager
Rookie Year: 2018
Favorite Type of Sign: Vehicle Wraps & Halo Lit Signs

Born in the wrong era, this fiery dancer is from a dragon-guarded castle surrounded by hot boiling lava! But don’t let that cool you off. She’s a loaded pistol who likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. She can be found storming the shops, consuming the classics, and sampling sugary snacks like a modern Marie Antoinette on the weekends. Started from the bottom, but now she’s here…no one (At Signarama Troy) puts Mithila in a corner.

Jim Merriman

Nickname: Jimmy
Title: Engraving Department Manager
Rookie Year: 2002
Favorite Type of Sign: Creative & Colorful Multi-Layered/Textured Interior Signs

I built my first sign at the age of 4, well more of a scribbled drawing with horribly formed letters where words should be, but that's where it began. I spent the entirety of my childhood doing everything I was told not to, but never strayed far from signs. Let's face it though you'd be hard pressed to go anywhere and not be near at least one. Moving to Michigan at 19 it took me awhile, but I found an awesome small sign shop and began doing the job I love. My heart and creativity are at the forefront of what makes me, me. I am a loyal and honest friend of all animals and most people. I have an awesome caring family both at home and at work. Sometimes they are able to keep me grounded, but they always push me to do my best.

Pete Delisle

Nickname: Pete
Title: Graphics Department Manager
Rookie Year: 2014
Favorite Type of Sign: Vehicle Wrap / Halo Lit Interior Lobby Signs

I have been in the industry for over 20 years. I have 1 son and have been married for 15 years. I enjoy helping my son's wrestling team. I like to play pool and love boating.

Brian Halama

Nickname: B
Title: Fabrication Manager
Rookie Year: Trick Question?
Favorite Type of Sign: Virgo

From building space ships out of legos and sky scrappers out of lincoln logs i always knew i would end up becoming a builder of sorts. I've been known to fix cars with bike parts and fix bikes with lawn mower parts, always pushing the boundaries seeing just how far i could take them. Now after 20 years in the sign industry i lead an amazing group of fabricators pushing them to explore new boundaries.