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George W. Auction Company / Highview Elementary School

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Out of the projects we completed for Crestwood School Districts this is to be one of our favorites. This project was included with 3 other halo-lit projects that were out to bid for Crestwood School Districts. That we were lucky enough to obtain.

Project Overview

Highview Elementary was completed differently from the other schools. Highview had a backer panel fabricated to be placed behind the letters. That allows the backlighting of the halo letters to bounce evenly of the backer panel. If the letters were to be directly mounted on the brick, the letters lighting would be uneven at night and would be hard to read.

The halo lit letters are fabricated with aluminum sheeting and welded together. The letters are then installed with backlighting and an acrylic backer that is watertight. These letters were pin mounted on the aluminum backer panel and transported for installation to Dearborn Heights.

Installation is a lot easier when letters are already installed on the backer panel. The Installation team simply lifted each eight-foot section of the letters and installed it on the building. The electrical was then connected to complete the final look.

The Result

Highview Elementary along with Signarama was completely happy with the outcome. We believe this was a great option for the school. The sign gives Highview Elementary great visibility day or night, and this project has lead to other great opportunities with our client.

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