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About The Client

There are times when our customer is not the person who receives the final sign but is a design company or contractor working with the end customer. When Serenity Health needed a sign for their lobby they reached out to the design company, Liv Designs to assist. Liv came to us with the details from the end customer and the vision they had discussed.

Project Overview

The lobby sign needed for Serenity Health was unique in several ways. The wall was a very textured brick and the font was thin with small logo embellishments that needed to be visible amongst the multi-colored and textured background.

Our design and sales team worked with Liv Designs to ensure all components were laid out correctly and matched the end customer’s vision. Detailed communication is required on these projects so that all customers involved have a voice and have clear direction on the project.

The Result

Our installation team took extra care to meticulously install each letter so that all items were aligned straight. The textured wall can be a challenge to ensure each dimensional letter is perfectly centered with the correct depth. This process took our team a full day to achieve but the end result is stunning.

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