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About Vision Lanes  

Vision Lanes stands as a beacon of entertainment and camaraderie in the heart of the community, driven by a steadfast mission to provide a fun and friendly atmosphere within its bowling center. Since its modern inception on June 3, 2003, Vision Lanes has continuously evolved to offer the latest amenities and technology to enhance the bowling experience for patrons of all skill levels. The transition from traditional wooden lanes to state-of-the-art synthetic Brunswick lanes, coupled with the installation of top-tier Quibica/AMF scoring systems, solidified Vision Lanes as the premier destination for bowling enthusiasts seeking unparalleled enjoyment and excitement.

At Vision Lanes, hospitality knows no bounds, with doors open every day until 2 am (excluding Christmas Eve and Christmas Day) to accommodate the diverse needs of its cherished customers. Family-operated and community-centric, Vision Lanes epitomizes the spirit of inclusivity and warmth, where every visitor is embraced as part of the extended family. Led by the Klein family – Steven, Lisa, Carlee, Madalyn, and Natalie – alongside a dedicated team of employees who are regarded as family, Vision Lanes fosters a welcoming environment where shared experiences and cherished memories flourish. With distinct components including the bowling lanes, LB’s Precision Ball Motion Pro Shop, Krazy Kopz charity poker room, All-Star Grille, and the vibrant All-Star Grille and Music Bar, Vision Lanes offers a diverse range of entertainment options beyond bowling, ensuring there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether hosting a corporate event, birthday party, participating in a bowling league, or simply seeking a night out with loved ones, Vision Lanes invites all to join the family and create unforgettable moments together at their convenient location on Ford Road, just 1 ½ miles east of 275.

Project Overview – Signarama Troy and Vison Lanes:

Signarama Troy undertook a comprehensive signage renovation project for Vision Lanes, located at the bustling intersection of Ford Road and Hix Road in Westland, Michigan. The existing signage required significant upgrades, including the replacement of two damaged reader boards and all sign faces within individual boxes. Additionally, the external aluminum was repainted, and the lighting system was upgraded with an LED retrofit. Given the high traffic volume of over 40,000 vehicles per day passing by the location, the revitalization of the Vision Lanes sign was crucial to ensuring visibility and attracting customers to the establishment. Signarama Troy also secured local sign permits from the City of Westland, ensuring compliance and legality throughout the project.


The outcome of Signarama Troy’s work exceeded expectations, leaving owner Steve Klein thoroughly satisfied with the results. Despite the extensive scope of the project, Signarama Troy managed to complete the renovation just under the anticipated cost. The newly installed signage includes two face replacements for the VISION and LANES sections, fabricated with 3/16″ polycarbonate material and adorned with vinyl graphics. Furthermore, the illuminated cabinet with zip tracking, custom-built by Signarama Troy, features a clean white finish and energy-efficient white LED illumination, enhancing visibility and attracting attention to Vision Lanes. Overall, the project not only restored the appearance of Vision Lanes’ signage but also notably improved its functionality, ensuring increased visibility and customer awareness for the establishment.

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