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Oakland Audiology has been proudly serving the Waterford, Michigan community and its surrounding areas since 1994. With a team of licensed Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Specialists, they are committed to providing top-quality care to individuals with various types of hearing impairments. Whether you are experiencing hearing loss due to aging, noise exposure, or medical conditions such as diabetes and tinnitus, Oakland Audiology has the expertise to help.

At Oakland Audiology, they understand the importance of good communication and the impact that hearing loss can have on a person’s quality of life. That’s why they are dedicated to providing the best possible hearing care to their patients. As a one-stop resource for hearing care, hearing instrument fittings, and hearing loss prevention, they offer a comprehensive range of services that include hearing tests, hearing aid evaluations and dispensing, ear protection, and swim molds. They specialize in the latest hearing amplification technology to ensure that their patients receive the most advanced and effective treatment available.

If you’re looking for compassionate, expert care for your hearing needs, Oakland Audiology is the place to go. With a commitment to helping you optimize your ability to communicate and enjoy life to the fullest, they are dedicated to providing the highest quality hearing care possible.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy recently completed a project for Oakland Audiology, a hearing care provider located in Waterford, Michigan. The project involved refreshing the sign panel for Oakland Audiology’s business and adding a new panel for the building’s new tenant, Neil King Physical Therapy.

The existing sign panel for Oakland Audiology had become faded and discolored, so the client reached out to Signarama Troy to get a panel refresh or face change. Signarama Troy not only updated both acrylic panels in the sign, but also retrofitted the lighting components from incandescent bulbs to more energy efficient and longer lasting LED fixtures.

The project involved several key steps, including a consultation with the client to determine their specific needs and preferences, the design and creation of the new sign panels, and the installation of the new panels and LED lighting fixtures. Signarama Troy worked closely with the client throughout the project to ensure that their vision was realized and that the final product met their expectations.

The Result

The project completed by Signarama Troy for Oakland Audiology and Neil King Physical Therapy was highly successful, meeting the clients’ needs and achieving the desired results.

The new sign panels and LED lighting fixtures provided a refreshed and modern look for both Oakland Audiology and Neil King Physical Therapy. The updated sign panels replaced the faded and discolored panels, ensuring that the businesses’ names were easily visible to passersby on the busy M-59 on Highland Road in Waterford daily.

In addition, the retrofitting of the lighting components from incandescent bulbs to more energy-efficient and longer-lasting LED fixtures significantly improved the energy efficiency and longevity of the sign’s lighting components. This means that the new lighting fixtures are not only more cost-effective for the businesses but are also more environmentally friendly.

Overall, the project’s success was a testament to Signarama Troy’s commitment to delivering high-quality work that meets clients’ needs while also considering energy efficiency and environmental impact. The new sign and lighting fixtures now stand out and enhance the businesses’ visibility, helping to attract potential customers and promote growth.

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