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About Crawford Insurance

Crawford Insurance Group is a leading provider of insurance and financial solutions, specializing in integrated financial strategies, investment services, business and individual insurance protection, and employee benefits. With a reputation for excellence and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Crawford Insurance Group has established itself as a trusted name in the insurance and financial industry.

As a multi-line agency, Crawford Insurance Group offers unparalleled market access, representing a carefully selected group of A-Rated Insurance Companies. This enables them to provide comprehensive coverage options tailored to the unique needs of their clients. With a focus on long-term commitment, Crawford Insurance Group instills confidence, trustworthiness, and the highest degree of integrity in every professional service they deliver.

Understanding that safety and loss control are vital components of a complete insurance package, Crawford Insurance Group provides exclusive access to a team of highly trained consultants. These experts possess extensive risk management expertise, enabling them to identify and evaluate the specific risks faced by their clients. With this knowledge, they offer comprehensive solutions that address all insurance, financial, and employee benefit needs.

Crawford Insurance Group’s dedication to excellence has been recognized through prestigious accolades, including being a seven-time recipient of the Nationwide President’s Award. This esteemed award, the highest honor bestowed by the company, recognizes agencies that demonstrate excellence in commercial insurance, personal insurance, as well as life and other financial products. With the #1 ranking in the state, region, and placement within the top 1% nationally, Crawford Insurance Group has consistently delivered outstanding results..

Project Overview

Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit, the largest Signarama in the world, recently completed a significant project in collaboration with Crawford Insurance for their rebranding initiative. The partnership between Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit and Crawford Insurance was established through an internal office referral, showcasing the trust and confidence Crawford Insurance had in Signarama’s expertise.

The project encompassed multiple facets of signage, as part of Crawford Insurance’s comprehensive rebranding strategy from 2020 to 2021. It commenced with the installation of a main exterior building sign, featuring a lit push-thru acrylic letter cabinet, which served as a prominent centerpiece for the rebranded identity. Additionally, an interior lobby sign was created to enhance the professional and welcoming atmosphere of Crawford Insurance’s office.

In 2021, Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit took the rebranding efforts a step further by developing a unique wall feature that prominently displayed Crawford Insurance’s mission and values. This captivating design incorporated oversized vinyl graphics and acrylic backer signs, creating an eye-catching focal point within the office space. The wall feature served as a visual representation of Crawford Insurance’s core principles, allowing employees and visitors to connect with the company’s values on a daily basis.

The Result

The outcome of the Crawford Insurance rebranding project by Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit is an exceptional exterior wall sign and a comprehensive rebranding package that has significantly enhanced the company’s brand visibility and community presence. The main exterior building sign, consisting of a lit push-thru acrylic letter cabinet, stands as a powerful representation of Crawford Insurance’s strong brand name. Positioned along University Boulevard in Rochester Hills, the sign captures the attention of over 14,000 passing vehicles each day, effectively communicating Crawford Insurance’s identity and brand message to the community.

Furthermore, the rebranding package developed by Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit, which includes the interior lobby sign and the unique wall feature with oversized vinyl graphics and acrylic backer signs, reinforces Crawford Insurance’s new identity and values within their office space. This visually striking design creates an engaging environment that aligns with Crawford Insurance’s rebranding goals, inspiring employees and leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Through the expertise and meticulous execution of Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit, the Crawford Insurance rebranding initiative has achieved its objectives of strengthening the brand image and fostering a sense of unity and purpose among employees. The exterior wall sign and the comprehensive rebranding package have not only transformed the physical appearance of Crawford Insurance’s premises but have also solidified their presence as a trusted and recognizable brand within the local community.

In summary, Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit’s collaboration with Crawford Insurance in their rebranding initiative has yielded remarkable results, showcasing the capabilities of the largest Signarama in the world. The exterior wall sign and the rebranding package have played a vital role in increasing brand visibility and communicating Crawford Insurance’s values, leaving a positive impact on both employees and the community.

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