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About Butter Cannabis

Butter Cannabis is a dynamic lifestyle brand firmly established and deeply rooted in the vibrant state of Michigan. Founded with a vision that transcends the ordinary, their primary focus is crafting high-quality cannabis products that cater to all walks of life, while simultaneously striving to elevate society as a whole.

Guided by a steadfast philosophy, Butter Cannabis embodies honesty, transparency, and unwavering integrity in every facet of their operations. Their ethos extends beyond the surface, delving into the very essence of their work. Anchored in scientific principles, they navigate their journey with a resolute commitment to mastery, ensuring that their products stand as paragons of excellence.

Amidst the ever-evolving landscape of the cannabis market, the term “craft” resonates widely. However, Butter Cannabis understands that not every product bearing this label lives up to its promise. Their pursuit diverges from the norm. Driven by an unyielding pursuit of greatness, their mission transcends the quest to be the best. Rather, they challenge themselves to consistently transcend yesterday’s benchmarks, surpass the mundane, and nurture the extraordinary.

Central to their ethos is an unshakeable belief in the transformative power of the cannabis plant. Butter Cannabis envisions a future where every consumer can experience the intended effects of cannabis products with clarity and confidence. Through proper understanding, they empower individuals to harness the plant’s potential for personal betterment.

At Butter Cannabis, the overarching belief is that people and plants flourish best when united. By nurturing a harmonious connection between humanity and nature, they embark on a journey that harmonizes holistic wellness with the boundless potential of the cannabis plant.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit, a renowned signage expert, was entrusted with a crucial task by Butter Cannabis – the installation of distinctive and eye-catching signs for their two new store locations in the bustling areas of Ann Arbor and Berkley, Michigan. Butter Cannabis sought to reinforce their brand presence and make a lasting impression on potential customers through these strategically designed signs.

For the Ann Arbor location, positioned strategically on State Street just south of I-94, the challenge was to create a sign that not only captured attention but also stood out amidst the bustling traffic flow of over 21,000 vehicles daily. The Signarama team collaborated closely with Butter Cannabis to craft a signage solution that blended creativity, functionality, and visibility seamlessly.

At the Berkley location, the objective was to enhance the storefront’s aesthetic appeal while ensuring a strong brand identity. To achieve this, Signarama proposed an illuminated blade sign, delivering a striking visual impact that resonates with the local community.


With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to excellence, Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit successfully brought Butter Cannabis’ vision to life with the installation of two distinctive signs at their Ann Arbor and Berkley store locations.

The Ann Arbor location, strategically positioned to attract the attention of over 21,000 passing vehicles daily, now boasts a push-through lit box sign that captivates both day and night. The sign’s striking presence contributes to the location’s visibility, creating an iconic landmark that stands out amidst the surrounding urban landscape.

For the Berkley store, the illuminated blade sign serves as a beacon of the brand’s identity. The sign’s vibrant illumination not only enhances the location’s curb appeal but also reinforces the brand’s presence within the local community. It offers a warm and welcoming invitation to both loyal patrons and curious passersby.

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