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About St. Elizabeth Ann Seton        

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, is a vibrant community in Troy, Michigan, with a rich history rooted in faith and growth. The journey began in 1970 as a Mass Station at the First Methodist Church of Troy, with just 50 families seeking spiritual connection. Originally named the Catholic Community of Troy, the early days were marked by the dedication of priests from Guardian Angels in Clawson.

In 1975, the community sought parish status, and in September of that year, they became the first in the country to be named in honor of the recently canonized Elizabeth Ann Seton. With the assignment of the first official priest, Father Arthur Baranowski, in December 1975, the parish truly took root.

Over the years, our community blossomed, and by 1978, the original 50 families had grown to 419. The need for a physical worship site led to the groundbreaking of the church on July 1st, 1980. Less than a year later, on May 2nd, 1981, the late Cardinal John Francis Deardan presided at the dedication and consecration of the altar.

At the church, they invite you to join them in celebrating the services, where the warmth of community and the foundation of faith come together. Experience the spiritual journey that has shaped us into the welcoming parish we are today.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy partnered with St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church to enhance their messaging through a comprehensive signage project. The scope included (33) thirty-three interior signs and (7) seven exterior signs, all carefully designed and crafted to align with the church’s vision. The emphasis was on non-illuminated signs, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing presentation throughout the church premises.

The design process was a collaborative effort with multiple reviews to achieve perfection and uphold the highest quality standards for each sign. Precision and attention to detail were paramount to accurately convey the messaging and maintain consistency across the diverse set of signs within the church.


The outcome of the signage project has been transformative for St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church. The (33) thirty-three interior signs now contribute to a seamless and engaging environment, providing clear guidance and information to parishioners and visitors alike. The meticulous design process ensured that each sign reflects the ethos and identity of the church accurately.

The impact of the (7) seven exterior signs on Square Lake Road in Troy is particularly noteworthy. These signs serve as beacons, making the church more visible to the high volume of traffic, effectively drawing attention to the spiritual haven that is St. Elizabeth Ann Seton. Additionally, these exterior signs play a crucial role in directing traffic within the parking lot and guiding individuals into the church, enhancing the overall accessibility and welcoming atmosphere of the church premises.

In collaboration with Signarama Troy, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church has successfully achieved a harmonious integration of messaging and aesthetics, ensuring that the signage not only serves its functional purpose but also contributes to the overall positive experience for everyone within the community.

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