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About Pistons Academy        

Pistons Academy is dedicated to igniting a passion for basketball in young players. Through their engaging camps, clinics, and leagues, they create impactful, memorable experiences that go beyond the court.

The goal is to foster a love for the game in a positive and supportive environment. Led by experienced, professional instructors, each program is designed to develop young athletes’ skills and confidence.

Here’s what sets them apart:

  • Experienced Coaching: The instructors are passionate about basketball and dedicated to helping players reach their full potential.
  • Positive Development: They promote sportsmanship, teamwork, and a love for the game in everything we do.
  • Special Pistons Access: Participants get a taste of the professional game with exclusive Detroit Pistons perks.

Project Overview – Signarama Troy and Pistons Academy:

At Signarama Troy, we are passionate about supporting local communities and organizations. When Devonte from Pistons Academy reached out to us in need of new displays for their upcoming summer camps, we were thrilled to collaborate. The Pistons Academy, known for its exceptional basketball programs, has been a significant part of Marissa’s son’s life for several years. Marissa, a valued team member at Signarama Troy, has always admired the dedication and commitment to excellence demonstrated by the Pistons Academy staff.

Our project involved providing Pistons Academy with high-quality pop-up banner displays and a step-and-repeat backdrop. These displays are designed to enhance the visual appeal of their events, with the banners being used around the gym during summer programs and fall/winter leagues. The backdrop serves multiple purposes, including use behind the score table and as a setting for photo opportunities and awards presentations.


The collaboration between Signarama Troy and Pistons Academy was a definite success. The new displays and backdrop not only met but exceeded the expectations of the Pistons Academy staff. As Devonte Back from Pistons Academy puts it:

“Signarama Troy was very easy to work with! The communication was great and we connected from the onset. They provided mockups of what the final product would look like, making the whole process much easier. Working with Marissa was a wonderful experience for us at Pistons Academy! She is a true professional at what she does! She was always responsive and showed tremendous care for our project!

The pop-up banners effectively enhanced the gym’s ambiance during summer programs and will continue to add value to their fall/winter leagues. The step-and-repeat backdrop has become a standout feature, providing a professional and visually appealing background for the score table and photo opportunities.

The feedback from the Pistons Academy staff has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the impact of the new signage on their events. Marissa’s personal connection to the Academy added a special touch to this project, blending her passion for basketball with her professional expertise. This successful partnership has opened doors for future collaborations, reinforcing our commitment to supporting local organizations and making a lasting impact on our community.

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