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About IT’SUGAR:  

IT’SUGAR, is the brainchild of candy industry veteran Jeff Rubin, established in 2006. Having burgeoned into one of the world’s largest specialty candy “retailtainers,” boasting an impressive 100 locations across the United States and Canada, IT’SUGAR is not just a candy store—it’s an immersive experience.

Renowned for its whimsical and audacious sugar creations, IT’SUGAR embodies a spirit of lighthearted rebellion in the world of sweets. In 2017, a pivotal moment in the brand’s journey occurred when BBX Capital invested, paving the way for an expansive growth plan. This plan materialized in the form of the World’s First Candy Department Store, a colossal 24,000 sq ft retail space spanning three floors—an achievement that underscored IT’SUGAR’s commitment to delivering a unique and unparalleled experience for candy enthusiasts.

With a distinct fusion of pop culture and sugary delights, IT’SUGAR continues to breathe life into America’s favorite candy brands. Beyond the delicious treats, the brand advocates for a playful and carefree approach to life, inviting everyone to embrace the joyous side of indulgence.

Strategically positioned in malls, IT’SUGAR acts as a magnetic force for sugar enthusiasts, captivating them with its vibrant and engaging presence. Enter the world of IT’SUGAR, where candy transcends being a mere treat; it becomes an adventure, a celebration, and an invitation to not take life too seriously.

Project Overview:

Signarama Troy had the pleasure of collaborating with IT’SUGAR on a project facilitated by the store development department in Ft Lauderdale, FL. The primary objective for both locations in Southeast Michigan was to enhance foot traffic by creating inviting signage and messaging targeted at individuals already present in the malls. Signarama Troy undertook the responsibility of conducting surveys, producing captivating graphics, and efficiently installing them at both mall locations.

The collaboration aimed to not only attract attention but also to engage potential customers during the crucial holiday buying season. With a comprehensive understanding of IT’SUGAR’s goals, Signarama Troy embarked on a mission to deliver signage solutions that were not only visually appealing but also strategically positioned to maximize impact.


Signarama Troy successfully completed both projects well in advance of the scheduled opening dates at the malls, ensuring that IT’SUGAR could capitalize on the bustling holiday season. The graphics, meticulously crafted and strategically placed, effectively achieved the goal of attracting foot traffic from individuals already present in the malls.

In terms of financial management, Signarama Troy demonstrated efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The combined budget for both locations amounted to $20,000, and Signarama Troy not only met but exceeded expectations by delivering the project under budget at a total cost of $15,640. This accomplishment showcases Signarama Troy’s commitment to delivering high-quality results within specified financial parameters.

The successful collaboration between Signarama Troy and IT’SUGAR underscores the seamless execution of the project, meeting the objectives of creating inviting signage and maximizing foot traffic. The project’s timely completion and budgetary efficiency reflect Signarama Troy’s dedication to delivering exceptional results in every aspect of their work.

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