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Since 1991, The Laundry Palace in Downtown Clawson has been servicing the community. In 2006 with new ownership in place they added pick/delivery to their list of services and in 2015 the interior of the store was updated with new Speed Queen washer and dryer systems. They knew that they wanted to rebrand with one of the newest Clawson signs in the community!

In 2019 the owner of Laundry Palace reached out to us in need of an updated exterior wall sign. The plaza they were located was just recently remodeled receiving a new metal façade on the “sign band” or top portion of the building. With a new logo in place and outdated sign previously it made sense to make the switch and get quotes on a new Clawson sign. One of the concerns of the landlord was mounting the new signage as well as somewhat of uniformity with look for all the stores in the strip.

During one of the onsite consultations we discussed have a custom framed metal backer that each of the stores would incorporate into their design, regardless of the sign was illuminated or non-illuminated. By adding this element this would create some sense of style similarity as well as minimize penetrations in the new façade.

Aside from incorporating the logo the client wanted to have his sign illuminated. Illuminated channel letters were the best route and look to pursue. Our design team proofed up white front-lit channel letters with a full-color logo portion. The channel letters were then mounted to a 2” deep custom metal frame that was painted to match the wall color, so it blended in a sense. Additionally, we placed white LEDs on the backside of the frame which resulted in a halo effect around the entire sign.

As a result of the building renovations this opportunity was presented to us and the client in turn was able to have a brand new Clawson sign and one that will last him another 10-15 years.

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