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Dynamic HR

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About The Client

Dynamic HR came through us as a web lead, initially reaching out online through Google. They needed an interior lobby sign removed which would be reinstalled in the larger space they were moving into. Unlike their old building, Dynamic HR had sign rights for an exterior sign in the new building, so they also needed a new exterior sign.

Project Overview

Now that they could have exterior signage, Dynamic HR chose to go with illuminated channel letters. When they requested the signage, they referred to it as backlit which are also known as halo-lit letters. The CL went up and the client did not like how the letters were lit, as there was a misunderstanding when the lighting of the letters was discussed. As it turns out, they decided they wanted front lit letters. We fixed it and reinstalled the front-lit letters. Dynamic HR understood that they had approved the backlit letters and we gave them a significant discount on the halo-lit letters which will be utilized in their front lobby area!

The Result

They loved their signs! Even though the approved signage was not what they wanted, we were able to fix the misunderstanding to give them what they wanted and they ended up with a second sign at an amazing rate! They have continued to be loyal customers.

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