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About Henkel       

Henkel is a global leader in providing solutions for adhesives, sealants, and functional coatings. Their Madison Heights facility is a vital hub for testing and developing innovative solutions, particularly the Next Generation Metal Pretreatment process. This award-winning process is instrumental in enabling manufacturers to design vehicles using lightweight materials such as aluminum. With a dedicated team of over 250 employees, Henkel is one of the largest employers in Madison Heights.

Henkel’s focus extends to various industries, including automotive, aerospace, metal coil, and metal packaging. Their product development and research and development teams are at the forefront of creating next-generation materials. These materials serve multiple purposes, including corrosion-free coatings for cars and airplanes, noise reduction solutions, improved crash impact resistance, food and beverage packaging safety, and construction-ready steel.

Originally established in 1957, the Madison Heights facility became part of Henkel’s portfolio in 1987 following the acquisition of Parker Chemical. Situated near Detroit, also known as “Motor City” and a prominent automotive manufacturing hub, Henkel benefits from a strategic location that fosters close collaboration with customers. This proximity allows for effective collaboration, enabling Henkel to meet customer needs and drive innovation within the industry forward.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy‘s long-standing partnership with Henkel, spanning over 15 years, has encompassed a wide range of signage solutions. Signarama has consistently provided Henkel with various signage needs, including posters, ADA room signs, vinyl graphics, wall murals, dimensional signage, wayfinding signs, and building signage. In this particular project, Signarama was tasked with creating a striking and highly visible sign for Henkel’s Madison Heights location, aimed at enhancing identification and branding along the prominent I-75 highway.

Given Henkel’s desire for an illuminated sign that accurately represented their distinctive logo shape, Signarama proposed the concept of a “lit capsule.” A lit capsule is essentially a custom-designed box that incorporates internal LED lighting. This innovative solution was chosen for its ability to provide continuous illumination, making the sign highly visible to all traffic passing along I-75, especially in the vicinity of 14 Mile Road.


The collaboration between Signarama Troy and Henkel for the Madison Heights signage project yielded outstanding results.

The lit capsule design, with its internally lit LEDs, has significantly improved the visibility of Henkel’s signage along I-75. This increased visibility ensures that the Henkel brand is prominently displayed 24/7, effectively capturing the attention of passing traffic.

The customized shape of the lit capsule aligns perfectly with Henkel’s unique logo, essentially reinforcing the brand identity. This bespoke solution reflects Henkel’s commitment to attention to detail and brand consistency.

The illuminated sign serves as a powerful means of identification for Henkel’s Madison Heights facility. It helps visitors and clients easily locate the site, contributing to a seamless and positive experience.

The use of energy-efficient LED lighting not only ensures the sign’s continuous illumination but also minimizes energy consumption and maintenance costs, further enhancing the project’s sustainability.

The positioning of the lit capsule sign just south of 14 Mile Road on I-75 strategically targets a high-traffic area, maximizing its impact and reach.

In summary, the collaboration between Signarama Troy and Henkel has resulted in a visually striking and highly effective signage solution. This project exemplifies the successful synergy between Signarama’s expertise in signage and Henkel’s commitment to strong branding and visibility, creating a lasting impression for all who pass by the Madison Heights location along I-75.

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