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About Emerald Steel     

Emerald Steel Processing, headquartered in Madison Heights, MI, stands as a prominent steel wire and rod provider with a strong commitment to North American leadership in steel processing for the cold heading industry. Founded in 2001 by Chuck O’Brien, the company has been instrumental in advancing steel processing standards while upholding the values of quality, punctual delivery, and exceptional service.

At Emerald Steel Processing, the primary mission is to establish and maintain North American leadership in the steel processing domain, particularly catering to the needs of the cold heading industry. With a core focus on delivering exceptional quality and ensuring defect-free products, the company dedicates itself to meeting the high standards expected by its clientele.

Emerald Steel Processing sets itself apart as a service-oriented steel processor. The company is known for its specialization in Just in Time (JIT) programs, a strategic approach aimed at reducing inventory levels at the end-user level. This unique capability empowers Emerald Steel to provide JIT raw materials, meeting the urgent demands of fast-paced industries.

Emerald Steel Processing’s dedication to advancing North American leadership in steel processing has contributed to the growth and development of the cold heading industry. By consistently delivering high-quality products and services, the company plays a vital role in supporting its clients’ operations and overall industry advancement.

Project Overview

Emerald Steel, strategically located at the heart of the automotive industry, recognized the potential of exposure to the 200,000 daily commuters on I-75 in Madison Heights, MI. Their goal was to secure constant visibility through a prominently lit sign. Leveraging their long-standing partnership, Emerald Steel turned to Signarama Troy to execute this critical branding project. The two companies have maintained a collaborative relationship for over two decades, covering a diverse range of signage applications.


Signarama of Troy’s partnership with Emerald Steel spans more than 20 years, during which they’ve executed various signage projects, ranging from routine to extraordinary. Among these projects, the most noteworthy is the grand monument off Stephenson Hwy., serving as a testament to their capabilities and often referenced when showcasing their work to potential clients.

For the specific challenge posed by Emerald Steel’s illuminated sign request, Signarama of Troy proposed a solution involving 3.5” deep front-lit channel letters. However, a regulatory hurdle surfaced due to the sign’s size exceeding the city’s stipulated limits. Signarama’s team exhibited proactive problem-solving by attending a variance meeting to secure approval for surpassing the size restrictions. Their efforts were fruitful, paving the way for the go-ahead on the final signage, totaling around 200 sq. ft., a significant 100 sq. ft. beyond the initially allowed area.

The successful outcome of this project underscores Signarama Troy’s expertise not only in signage design and production but also in navigating complex municipal regulations. Their ability to secure approval for a sign larger than city code permitted showcases their adaptability and dedication to fulfilling their client’s needs.

In conclusion, Signarama Troy’s partnership with Emerald Steel is a prime example of their longstanding commitment to providing innovative signage solutions, overcoming challenges, and working within regulatory frameworks. Their ability to deliver exceptional results while aligning with city ordinances highlights their status as a reliable choice for businesses seeking impactful and compliant signage solutions in the Troy, MI area.

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