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Charminar Indian House found us by driving by our location. They are down the street from us on Rochester Rd. They came in and we walked them around our showroom, giving examples of what types of signs we do.

We went back and forth on a design before Charminar chose to go with an illuminated set of channel letters. They wanted to have the orange and burgundy color scheme with a Temple logo in it to keep with their Indian theme. The size of the sign could have been bigger based on the allowance from the municipality but the LL restricted the size to match that of his other tenants.

With the multiple words and to keep it cost-effective, we built capsules instead of fabricating each individual letter. We placed translucent vinyl on the faces to allow the LED lights to shine through and had white trim caps on the sides. These capsules were mounted to a raceway, which was then mounted to the facade of the business.

Once the design was approved, we moved into permitting. The city of Troy was quick to approve our application and within a week, we had our permit. Fabrication took about 3 weeks and then it was time for install!

Charminar Indian House loved their sign! It aligned with their needs and allowed them to showcase their business in a way they were proud of!

If you are ever in the mood for some good Indian food, stop over to Charminar Indian House! While you’re over there, be sure to take a look at their sign!

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