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Community Unity Bank

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About Community Unity Bank   

Community Unity Bank (CUB), located in Birmingham, MI, is dedicated to enhancing the financial well-being of small businesses and families in and around Oakland County. As a local FDIC-insured community bank, CUB prioritizes the growth and prosperity of its community.

CUB Features:  Modern Convenience, Personal Touch: CUB combines state-of-the-art technology with personalized service, providing easy-to-use digital banking tools along with a team of diverse financial experts.

Empowering Growth: CUB is committed to helping its customers thrive. Whether it’s businesses expanding or families securing their future, CUB offers resources and support beyond traditional banking. Rooted in community, CUB is more than a bank—it’s a partner in local progress, fostering unity and financial success.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit recently completed a vibrant project involving the installation of an Illuminated Wall Sign at the Community Unity Bank branch located in Birmingham, Michigan. This endeavor was a vital component of a comprehensive multi-sign package designed for the bank’s new Birmingham branch. The project focused on repurposing an existing box unit on the building’s east elevation to create a visually striking and functional sign.

Project Details:

  • Existing Box Unit Retrofit: The project revolved around transforming an existing box unit on the east side of the building. This retrofitting process involved meticulous planning and execution to seamlessly integrate the new illuminated sign within the existing structure.
  • Custom Logo Fabrication: To bring the bank’s branding to life, Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit expertly routed the customer’s logo from aluminum. This technique ensured precision and attention to detail, resulting in a faithful representation of the brand identity.
  • LED Lighting Enhancement: Utilizing the framework of the building’s current box, the team incorporated LED lighting to augment the visual impact of the sign. This innovation not only illuminated the acrylic elements but also added a touch of modernity to the entire structure.
  • Push Thru Letters Technique: To achieve a high-end aesthetic, Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit employed the “Push Thru Letters” technique. This approach involved affixing acrylic letters for all the text elements. These letters protrude through the sign’s surface, offering both enhanced visibility and depth to the copy.


The collaborative efforts of Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit and Community Unity Bank led to the successful installation of an eye-catching Illuminated Wall Sign. The new sign serves as a beacon of identity for the bank’s Birmingham branch, effectively reinforcing the brand’s presence in the local community. By repurposing an existing structure and leveraging innovative techniques like LED lighting and Push Thru Letters, the project achieved a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

This project exemplifies the dedication of Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit to delivering high-quality signage solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations. Through their expertise and attention to detail, they’ve contributed to the visual landscape of Community Unity Bank’s Birmingham branch, making it a standout feature in the area.

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