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About SL America

SL America is a prominent name in the automotive industry, distinguished as a leading supplier with an extensive network of manufacturing operations, product development centers, engineering hubs, and sales centers spanning seven countries. With a team exceeding 12,000 dedicated professionals, the company is steadfast in its commitment to delivering exceptional value to its esteemed customers through groundbreaking designs, streamlined processes, and a relentless dedication to World Class Manufacturing practices.

SL America’s vision is anchored in manageable growth infused with a relentless drive for customer-centric innovation. This vision propels the company’s pursuit of excellence while maintaining a steadfast focus on nurturing valuable customer relationships.

At the core of SL America’s success story is its superb sales and engineering center. This center serves as the incubator for growth, leadership, and excellence, facilitating the company’s continuous evolution in the dynamic automotive landscape. Established in the United States in 2001, SL America swiftly asserted its position as a key player, leveraging its commitment to trust, challenge, and modesty as guiding principles.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit recently had the privilege of collaborating with SL America, a new client, on an exceptional interior signage project at their new office space in Auburn Hills, Michigan. As SL America prepared to settle into their new location, they sought to create a remarkable first impression that reflected their brand identity and attention to detail.

SL America’s dedication to precision and brand integrity was evident from the outset. As they embarked on their office move, the client expressed a particular focus on their logo and branding, placing a strong emphasis on capturing the exact shade of their signature blue hue. Their vision was to translate their brand identity into an elegant, high-end interior sign that resonated with their corporate values and professionalism.

Signarama took the time to understand SL America’s unique requirements and aspirations. To cater to their discerning taste, the team presented several options for illuminated signage, each designed to showcase their logo and brand in a captivating light. During the consultation process, Signarama provided the client with a strategy to visualize the final product, including an actual paint swatch of the blue hue that would be used for the letters.

After a thoughtful evaluation of the options, SL America made the informed decision to proceed with the “Edge-Lit” sign option. This selection perfectly aligned with their desire for a refined and sophisticated appearance, setting them apart from more traditional “Halo Lit” metal letter choices. The “Edge-Lit” option not only provided a sleeker, more contemporary profile but also ensured even illumination around the letters, as they were seamlessly mounted flush to the wall.


The culmination of meticulous planning, craftsmanship, and attention to detail culminated in the successful installation of the high-end interior signage. The day of installation was met with elation from the SL America team, as they witnessed their vision materialize into reality. The “Edge-Lit” sign adorned their new office space, casting an elegant and professional ambiance that perfectly resonated with their brand image.

The collaboration between Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit and SL America resulted in a testament to the power of tailored solutions and meticulous execution. The project not only showcased the client’s commitment to detail but also highlighted Signarama’s dedication to understanding and realizing their client’s vision. The “Edge-Lit” interior signage stands as a remarkable symbol of SL America’s brand identity and professionalism, leaving an indelible impression on visitors and staff alike.

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