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UBT was already a customer of ours. We had done some small scale work them and they were looking for additional signage. They already had a wall sign but wanted a monument sign.

Project Overview

UBT had its branding-approved color scheme which consists of red, black, and yellow. They did not have a design in mind so we got creative. Originally UBT wanted three individual signs but we came up with something more unique. Instead of the three individual signs, we designed a single monument sign that held three separate cabinets. The base of the sign is an aluminum cabinet that stands 84″ tall. This is single-sided and non-illuminated. The cabinet is painted red, with a single yellow stripe and black on the end.

The three cabinets are mounted to the base. They have painted a metallic silver and the faces were water-jet cut with the acrylic on the back. The top cabinet has the UBT logo and we applied translucent vinyl for that to keep the branded colors and to allow the light to shine through. These individual cabinets are illuminated. TO do this, the electrical was running through the back of the individual cabinets, through the base cabinet, where they were all connected to the power source at the base of the monument sign.

This business is located in the city of Troy so the permitting process was fairly quick. Overall, the process took about 4 weeks from start to finish.

The Result

UBT loved their sign! The design is fun and custom to our client. We created this sign for them in 2016 and, at the time, this design was a first for us. The vertical style with a multi-layer dimension is eye-catching. It is not just a sign. It is art!

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