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About TI Fluid Systems

TI Fluid Systems is a global company that specializes in designing and manufacturing thermal management and fluid handling systems for the automotive industry. They are focused on delivering innovative and sustainable solutions that improve efficiency, performance, and environmental impact.

With a mission to produce greener vehicles for a cleaner world, TI works closely with their global OEM customers and suppliers to deliver award-winning automotive thermal management and fluid systems. The company has over 10,000 employees and operates from 98 manufacturing locations in 28 countries worldwide.

In 2019, TI Automotive, the previous name of the company, rebranded as TI Fluid Systems. This name change reflects the company’s focus on providing comprehensive fluid systems solutions, including thermal management systems, fuel systems, and brake systems. The new name also highlights the company’s expertise in developing fluid handling systems that enable customers to achieve greater sustainability and environmental performance.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy was tasked with providing comprehensive rebranding services to TI, a long-standing client of the company. It had undergone a rebrand from TI AUTOMOTIVE to TI FLUID SYSTEMS, and Signarama was chosen to work on the design and presentation of the new brand.

As part of this project, Signarama Troy was responsible for replacing the flush mount channel letter signage on three elevations of TI Fluid Systems’ headquarters in Auburn Hills. This was a critical task, as the headquarters is located on I75 just north of Lapeer Road and is visible to over 200,000 vehicles daily. The new signage was designed to ensure maximum visibility and to promote the new TI Fluid Systems brand.

In addition to the flush mount channel letter signage replacement, Signarama Troy also updated the monument sign, post and panel signage, door graphics, flags, and logo foyer sign at the TI Fluid Systems headquarters. These updates were designed to ensure consistency and brand recognition across all aspects of the company’s visual identity.

Overall, the project involved a comprehensive rebranding effort that included a range of design and installation services to ensure that TI Fluid Systems’ visual identity was consistent and effective across all touchpoints.


The Signarama Troy sign installation project for TI Fluid Systems was a resounding success, delivering the desired results on time and within budget. The installation of new signage was particularly important as it was for the company’s headquarters and needed to reflect the new branding.

The new flush mount channel letter signage, monument sign updates, post and panel updates, door graphics, flags, and logo foyer sign updates have transformed the visual identity of TI Fluid Systems’ headquarters. The new signage is now visible to over 200,000 people daily and has enhanced the company’s brand recognition and visibility on I-75 in Auburn Hills.

The new signage is also energy-efficient, as it is lighted and designed to be viewable in either north or south direction, ensuring maximum visibility to passing traffic. This has improved the overall look and feel of the headquarters, making it more visually appealing and professional.

In summary, the Signarama Troy sign installation project for TI Fluid Systems has successfully delivered the desired results, providing a modern and consistent visual identity across all touchpoints. The new signage has enhanced the company’s brand recognition, visibility, and professionalism, making it a worthwhile investment.

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