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About Tria Health:     

Tria Health is dedicated to delivering high-quality and compassionate medical care to its patients, tailoring treatments to address individual needs with precision. Specializing in multi-systemic auto-immune, allergic, and immunological disorders, the team of physicians at Tria Health is committed to providing comprehensive and personalized care. The organization places a strong emphasis on collaboration among its specialists to elevate the quality of patient care, recognizing that a collective approach produces optimal outcomes.

In the field of Allergy and Immunology, Tria Health stands out as a center of expertise. This specialized branch of medicine focuses on diagnosing, managing, and treating a range of immune system disorders and allergic reactions. The physicians at Tria Health are well-versed in addressing conditions spanning from asthma and hay fever to food allergies, eczema, hives, and immune deficiencies.

Beyond the medical complexities, Tria Health acknowledges that each patient is an individual with unique needs. At the heart of the organization’s philosophy is the understanding that they are there to treat the person, not just the medical condition. The goal is to alleviate symptoms, prevent complications, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for every patient served. Through a commitment to quality care and personalized treatment, Tria Health strives to positively impact the well-being of its patients.

Project Overview:

Signarama Troy recently completed a transformative project for Tria Health, focusing on revitalizing their lobby and reception area. The client expressed a desire to enhance the aesthetics of the space but was uncertain about the available options. The goal was to seamlessly integrate signage and wall graphics that not only complemented the existing décor but also aligned with the colors and style of the office environment.

After conducting an initial survey, Signarama Troy’s design team collaborated to present several options, one of which included the innovative use of 3D ½” acrylic dimensional letters. The challenge was to ensure that the selected option not only met Tria Health’s branding requirements but also harmonized with the overall design scheme. It took a series of design tweaks, including logo formatting and an onsite consultation, to finalize the color selection. Ultimately, the decision was made to proceed with the dimensional style option featuring a brushed bronze face.


The collaboration between Signarama Troy and Tria Health resulted in a visually stunning and impactful transformation of the lobby and reception area. The installation of 3D ½” acrylic dimensional letters with a brushed bronze face achieved the perfect balance between sophistication and coherence with the office décor.

The attention to detail in the design process, including logo formatting and color selection, contributed to the client’s high satisfaction. The finished installation not only meets the functional need for clear office identification but also elevates the overall atmosphere, providing a welcoming and branded environment for patients. Now, as patients enter Tria Health, the distinctive signage serves as a clear marker, enhancing their experience and reinforcing the professional image of the healthcare facility.

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