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Majorel is a business-to-business provider offering comprehensive services throughout the customer lifecycle, encompassing front and back-office processes. With expertise spanning various industries, including automotive and finance, Majorel is an international service company specializing in customer experience (CX) and business process outsourcing (BPO) services. Operating in 45 countries across five continents, Majorel boasts a workforce of over 82,000 team members. Recently, Majorel opened an office on Fort Street in Detroit, Michigan, catering to the growing business needs of the region.

Combining the best of people, process, and technology, Majorel serves its clients by prioritizing the human aspect of service, even in an increasingly tech-driven world. With over 500 global clients, many of whom have trusted Majorel for numerous years, the company ensures secure and reliable solutions. Some of the world’s largest companies, including the brands individuals interact with daily, rely on Majorel’s team members to represent them. Majorel’s distinction lies in its relentless, resourceful, resilient, agile, energetic, and focused approach. Driven by a commitment to go above and beyond, Majorel delivers continuous improvement for its clients, the simplicity customers expect, and a brand experience defined by humanity.

With a rich history dating back to 1992, Majorel draws upon a deep reservoir of knowledge and experience to meet the needs of its clients today. In 1995, Majorel signed its first Global Internet client, establishing a lasting and thriving relationship that continues to this day.

In January 2019, Majorel emerged as a new entity, formed through the collaboration of Bertelsmann and Saham, two industry leaders, to create a dominant customer experience organization. Majorel’s formation united Arvato CRM Solutions, Phone Group, ECCO Outsourcing, and Pioneers Outsourcing, combining shared values, complementary skills, and abundant resources. This synergy has empowered Majorel to deliver innovative CX solutions worldwide, reinforcing its position as a global CX leader.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit recently completed an interior branding project for Majorel, a global business-to-business provider offering services across the entire customer lifecycle. Majorel approached Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit for assistance in creating a visually appealing workspace for their new offices located on the 15th/16th floor of the high-rise building at 211 W. Fort in Downtown Detroit. The objective was to provide an excellent working environment for their employees, as a well-designed office space can significantly enhance productivity.

To meet Majorel’s requirements, Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit undertook various signage and graphic tasks. The scope of work included the installation of privacy films on 2nd surface honeycomb glass, featuring etched designs for enhanced privacy. Additionally, 1st surface digital printed vinyl graphics were applied, showcasing captivating visuals. Vinyl silhouettes of people, along with TikTok and Majorel branded vinyl graphics, were installed on walls to add personality and reinforce the company’s identity. Inspirational quotes were incorporated using high-quality digital print wall vinyl.

Furthermore, Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit created captivating conference room environments by installing front lit pans and front and back lit pans featuring digital print graphics of the TikTok and Majorel logos. These illuminated logos acted as impressive focal points, enhancing the professional ambiance during meetings and presentations.

The majority of the branding applications were accomplished using vinyl graphics, resulting in over 2000 square feet of graphics coverage installed. The combination of 2nd surface honeycomb privacy etched glass films, 1st surface digital printed vinyl graphics, capsule with push-through illuminated logos, and digital print wall vinyl transformed the office space into an engaging and visually pleasing environment.

The Result

The employees at Majorel are extremely satisfied with the outcome of the project. The thoughtfully designed interior branding has transformed their office environment and created a welcoming and inspiring atmosphere. The installation of privacy films on glass and the application of vinyl graphics have provided the necessary privacy in certain areas while adding aesthetic appeal throughout the office space. The inclusion of vinyl silhouettes, TikTok and Majorel branded graphics, and inspirational quotes has injected a sense of creativity and motivation into the workplace.

The illuminated TikTok and Majorel logos in the conference rooms serve as impressive focal points, enhancing the professional ambiance during meetings and presentations. The overall impact of the graphics, spanning over 2000 square feet, has significantly contributed to the employees’ positive experience in the office. They now look forward to coming to work and enjoy the engaging and visually pleasing environment created by Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit’s expertise in 2nd surface honeycomb privacy etched glass films, 1st surface digital printed vinyl graphics, capsule with push-through illuminated logos, front lit pans, front and back lit pans, and digital print wall vinyl.

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