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When a sign company like American / Interstate Signcrafters reaches out to you, you answer the call! American / Interstate Signcrafters are known for their project management around the nation. They have installed many large projects for large clients like Wells Fargo and they just happen to call us for a Wells Fargo installation.

Project Overview

When working with another sign company like American/Interstate, they supply the design, sign, and installation instructions. We are responsible for permits and installation. City permits can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks, depending on the city. The signs that needed installation in this case were interior lobby signs, and did not need permits.

Our installation team carefully transported the two lobby signs out to the site. This was an easy installation for them with standoffs. The installation team carefully measured and drilled 4 holes per sign in the wall. Then hardware was properly attached. The sign was then installed to hardware which completed the installation. They did this for both lobby signs.

The Result

Everyone was very pleased with the outcome of this project. It helped Signarama obtain more projects with the national project management team.

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