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About Liberty Cannabis:

Founded in 2011, Liberty Cannabis emerged from the heritage of a multigenerational family wine and spirits business. The onset of cannabis legalization presented an opportunity to channel expertise and passion into a new endeavor. This marked the inception of Liberty Cannabis, a venture with the goal of establishing a sanctuary for both experienced and novice cannabis enthusiasts.

In 2018, the company inaugurated its inaugural locations in Michigan, specifically Detroit and Madison Heights. Guided by a commitment to nurturing a sense of belonging and knowledge, Liberty Cannabis embarked on a transformative journey within the cannabis retail landscape. The realization of a demand for an environment wherein individuals could confidently engage with and procure cannabis products led to the creation of a stigma-free space.

Over time, Liberty Cannabis expanded its footprint to encompass 16 locations across 5 states, united by a shared ethos of empowering cannabis consumers and fostering a community centered around this extraordinary plant. As perspectives evolved and comprehension deepened, the endorsements of physicians, athletes, and celebrities lent their weight to the advocacy for cannabis, instigating a seismic shift.

In response to this evolving backdrop, the company adjusted its approach. Today, Liberty Cannabis stands alongside a more self-assured cohort of cannabis enthusiasts who grasp the potential of this inherent resource. Transcending the role of mere retail outlets, our dispensaries have transformed into cultural nuclei, commemorating the plant and its versatile applications. Liberty Cannabis takes pride in bridging the divide between accessibility and refinement, providing an all-encompassing platform for customers to confidently explore cannabis products.

Project Overview:

Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit recently collaborated with Liberty Cannabis to provide comprehensive signage solutions for their prominent location along I-75 and Stephenson Highway in Madison Heights, Michigan. The strategic placement of the signs aimed to maximize visibility and effectively attract the attention of the significant daily traffic on I-75.

Illuminated Billboard Sign:

To capture the attention of the vast number of commuters on I-75, a prominent illuminated billboard sign was meticulously designed and installed on the east side of the Liberty Cannabis building. This illuminated sign spans nearly 30 inches in height and an impressive 42 feet in length. Its striking illumination ensures visibility both during the day and at night, making it a compelling landmark for those traveling along the highway.

Monument Sign:

Along Stephenson Highway, a carefully crafted monument sign was strategically positioned to engage passersby and showcase the Liberty Cannabis presence. This monument sign is designed to create a lasting impression with its eye-catching visuals and clear branding. The monument sign serves as an extension of the building’s identity, reinforcing the company’s commitment to quality and professionalism.

Cabinet Sign:

On the building itself, a well-designed cabinet sign was integrated to complement the overall aesthetic of the location. This cabinet sign is a testament to the attention to detail and branding consistency upheld by Liberty Cannabis. It adds a touch of elegance to the building’s exterior while providing important information to potential customers and passersby.

Interior RGB Lit Lobby Sign and Mirror Tint:

In addition to the exterior signage, Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit crafted an interior RGB lit lobby sign, infusing the indoor space with the brand’s vibrancy. Mirror tint was employed to enhance privacy and aesthetics, contributing to a cohesive atmosphere that aligns with Liberty Cannabis’s values.


With over 100,000 vehicles passing daily on I-75, the comprehensive signage solution provided by Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit has significantly increased Liberty Cannabis’s visibility and brand recognition. The illuminated billboard sign acts as a powerful landmark that stands out against the urban backdrop, guiding both regular and new customers to the establishment. The monument sign and the cabinet sign work in harmony to create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere that reinforces the brand’s commitment to quality, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.

The collaborative effort between Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit and Liberty Cannabis has resulted in a successful signage project that effectively captures the attention of the high volume of traffic along I-75 and Stephenson Highway. The combination of an illuminated billboard sign, a strategically placed monument sign, interior elements, and an elegantly designed cabinet sign has solidified Liberty Cannabis’s presence as a distinctive landmark and destination within the Madison Heights area.

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