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1-800-Self-Storage.com is a locally owned and rapidly expanding self-storage company committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences. Their primary goal is to ensure that every individual who chooses to store with us is completely satisfied with their decision, avoiding any potential frustrations. Their dedicated staff goes above and beyond to create an environment where tenants genuinely enjoy visiting our facilities, knowing that their belongings are safe and well-protected.

At 1-800-Self-Storage.com, they believe that the tenants deserve more than just a storage space. Each of the facilities is thoughtfully designed to provide an array of amenities that set us apart from the competition. In addition to spacious units, we offer exclusive features that are not commonly found elsewhere. Some of their facilities boast conference rooms, climate-controlled indoor drive-throughs, complimentary use of our truck, and even free refreshments for your enjoyment.

1-800-Self-Storage is excited about the opportunity to design, construct, and open new facilities, enabling them to serve more communities. They extend an invitation to individuals to visit any of their locations and experience the 1-800-Self-Storage.com difference firsthand.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy / Metro Detroit has had a previous working relationship with 1-800-Self-Storage and was approached by their team for a new project. The Troy, MI location of 1-800-Self-Storage was a ground-up build, with construction commencing in 2016. Recognizing the importance of effective signage for their facility, the client sought Signarama’s expertise to provide recommendations and bids for their signage needs.

The client had a general idea of their signage requirements, including at least one wall sign at the highest elevation and a ground sign. However, they relied on Signarama’s expertise to guide them in making the best choices. Considering the location of the building and the high traffic flow on busy Rochester Road, Signarama proposed a comprehensive signage solution to enhance visibility and brand recognition.

After careful evaluation of the site and understanding the client’s goals, Signarama Troy presented 1-800-Self-Storage with a customized signage plan. The proposed solution included the following:

Channel Letter Wall Signs:

To maximize visibility from both the North and South elevations of the building, Signarama recommended the installation of channel letter wall signs. These signs are three-dimensional, individually fabricated letters that provide excellent visibility, even from a distance. The channel letter wall signs would prominently display the 1-800-Self-Storage branding, ensuring it stands out to potential customers.

Monument Sign:

Recognizing the importance of a strong first impression, Signarama proposed the addition of a monument sign at the entrance of the facility. The monument sign would serve as a landmark, featuring the 1-800-Self-Storage logo and other essential information. This sign would help guide visitors and increase brand recognition in the local community.

The Result

By collaborating with Signarama Troy, 1-800-Self-Storage achieved a comprehensive and impactful signage solution for their Troy, MI location. The channel letter wall signs on both the North and South elevations of the building ensure maximum visibility from all directions, attracting potential customers effectively. The monument sign at the entrance creates a strong brand presence and enhances the facility’s overall aesthetic appeal. These custom signage elements contribute to improved brand recognition, increased customer footfall, and a positive first impression for anyone visiting the facility.

Signarama Troy / Metro Detroit takes pride in delivering exceptional signage solutions that align with clients’ goals. With their expertise and dedication to quality craftsmanship, Signarama continues to be a trusted partner for 1-800-Self-Storage, helping them create visually stunning and impactful signage solutions.

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