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Metropolitan Seventh Day Adventist Church

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About The Client

Metropolitan Seventh-Day Adventist Church is based in Plymouth, MI. Their mission is to provide fellowship and educate people to understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Senior Pastor Bentley joined the church back in May of 2015 and was Signarama’s main point of contact when they reached out in 2018.

Project Overview

Pastor Bentley came to us through a referral from another nearby church. Their existing sign was in need of an upgrade to something more modern as well as utilizing the Seventh-day Adventist Church template guide. The palette of colors given was neutral, with a soft but rich blue and a grey. The primary blue color was used as a background and the text was in white, which allowed for a better contrast.

In terms of the size of the sign, we pretty much kept that consistent with the one we were replacing. The construction concept for this illuminated sign cabinet was a little different than the traditional style. The faces themselves were solid aluminum and the text portion was routed out so those elements would illuminate at night with the internal lighting. This really gives a much higher-end look, especially at night, as the illuminated text almost looks as if it is floating.

The Result

With adjustments in construction going from an acrylic face (where the whole panel lights up), to a routed face, you can really enhance the look of your sign with ease. The Pastor and his team, in the end, were certainly pleased with the outcome of the new sign!

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