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Quickly Boba Cafe

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About The Client

Serving up a grand selection of snack foods and boba teas, Quickly has become a local favorite. The new franchise has opened two locations in Michigan within the last year. Bubble tea is often made with flavored tapioca pearls and has been gaining popularity in the United States over the past few years. Teas are freshly brewed and the options to mix flavors is endless. At Quickly, you can enjoy a refreshing tea as well as snacks such as chicken poppers and mochi waffles.

Project Overview

Indoor menu boards are available in a variety of materials. Depending on your space, our sales team can work with any budget and our design team will be sure to give you options that stand out. Our design team worked with the owners at Quickly to come up with a design that is easy to read while still including all the options that bubble tea has to offer.

While working with the Quickly team, it was determined that a solution was needed in case the pricing needs to change. The menu board created for Quickly offered a solution that allowed the pricing to be interchangeable. The pricing parts of the menu are actually separate magnetic inserts that are able to be removed and replaced.

The Result

The final menu boards fit the store space perfectly. The text is at just the right size for customers to be able to read all of the flavor options clearly. Our team loved working with the staff at Quickly and they were even more excited to head over to their Troy location to support their grand opening. We look forward to working with Quickly again in the future, for their next location!

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