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George W. Auch / Grosse Ile Schools

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Most post and panel signs serve as direction signs to schools and parking lots, and this one was no different. Grosse Ile was completing a remodel on their administration building which included a new post and panel sign. We were able to obtain this through the bidding process with George W. Auch Company.

Project Overview

When designing this sign the architect had chosen the school colors and typeface for the post and panel. The post-panel was fabricated in-house using metal extrusion and metal sheeting. All parts are welded together and painted. The lettering was then cut on our vinyl plotter using premium black vinyl and applied to the sign.

Once the sign was fabricated, the installers went to the site and began the installation. When digging 18″ down they came across an old concrete foundation, but this wasn’t an issue for our installers as they simply had to change their equipment to dig out the old foundation. Once the foundation was removed, the post and panel was put in place with small concrete foundations. Dirt was then filled into the holes that were dug and the sign was completely installed.

The Result

These are some of our favorite types of signs with one of our repeating customers. We are lucky enough to build a great foundation George W. Auch Company and we always strive to do more of their work through their bid process.

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