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Mullen Automotive is an innovative automotive company headquartered in Southern California that is dedicated to creating clean and scalable energy solutions and electric vehicles. With a focus on sustainability, Mullen Automotive owns and partners with several synergistic businesses that work together to achieve the unified goal of providing customers with reliable and efficient electric vehicles. 

Through a unique hybrid dealership model, Mullen Automotive offers an end-to-end ecosystem that supports owners from test driving to financing and servicing. Customers can rest assured that they are supported through every aspect of EV ownership.

The Troy, Michigan location is the home to a new division of engineers and technology developers focused on Mullen’s Class 1 – 5 commercial vehicle development. With over 50 employees and growing, Mullen Automotive’s Detroit location is a natural fit due to the city’s rich auto history. 

This allowed Signarama Troy to save time and money by utilizing the existing specifications and creating a new design in a short period of time. The new signs installed by Signarama Troy include a wall sign that is prominently displayed as you enter the building on Square Lake Road.

With their expertise in sign design and installation, Signarama Troy was able to provide Mullen Automotive with high-quality signs that perfectly complement the modern and innovative nature of the company.

Mullen Automotive’s majority of partners are based in Detroit, making the decision to open this center an obvious choice for ongoing and future commercial van development. The company’s expansion into the space previously owned by bankrupt competitor Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc. showcases their commitment to growth and innovation in the automotive industry.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy was proud to work with Mullen Automotive on their new Troy, Michigan location by installing new signs. As an experienced sign company, Signarama Troy was already familiar with the property as they had previously done signage for the now bankrupt Electric Last Mile at the same location.

The Result

The Signarama Troy sign installation for Mullen Automotive was successful for several reasons.

The sign effectively conveys the Mullen Automotive brand identity and character, creating a great first impression for customers.  The sign is visually appealing and well-designed, standing out and catching the attention of passersby. The sign is visible from a distance, allowing potential customers to easily locate the Mullen Automotive shop. In addition, the sign is durable and long-lasting, ensuring that it will continue to promote the brand for years to come.

The sign was strategically placed in a high-visibility location at the corner of Crooks Road and Square Lake Road, ensuring that it would be seen by a large number of people. This helps to increase brand recognition and attract potential customers.  Finally, the sign is consistent with Mullen Automotive’s overall branding, including the logo, colors, and messaging. This consistency helps to reinforce the brand identity and build trust with customers.

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