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Buffalos Anchor Bar is a restaurant franchise that started in Buffalo, NY in the early 60s. Their claim to fame is their award-winning Buffalo Wings in their own signature sauce. In addition to their wings the restaurant also offers a wide range of sandwiches and pizza. Currently their franchise has over 15 locations across North America.

In the fall of 2018, a team member of the local Rochester Hills franchise that was opening up had reached out to our store inquiring about a new channel letter restaurant sign. The property itself was unique, as it has road frontage on two sides of the building in addition to the main entrance which faced the parking lot. Their wish was to have channel letter signs on each of those three walls as big as possible with appropriate sign branding.

As our team received preliminary branding, we went to work on design schemes for channel letters, keeping them in line with the Rochester Hills city sign code. In this jurisdiction the 3 signs we able to be permitted but the maximum overall sq. ft. of signage was to be divided up among all of them. Taking this into account we focused on which elevation had most prominent exposure and those were to be the signs at a larger size. It took design concepts to finally nail the winning layouts and then it went time for permits!!

The sign permit process in Rochester Hills is very smooth when choosing a reputable sign company with an outstanding track record! The client was granted approval on all three illuminated signs. From the onset, the timing of this project was very critical. We had about 5 weeks from the initial reach out and at this point from permit approval really just about 2 weeks to manufacture and install the channel letter signs.

Our dedicated fabrication staff put in some extra hours to ensure we were able to complete and install signage to meet the tight deadline established by the client. Each sign that was produced conveyed a varied message all while maintaining the brand. Their main sign referenced LOGO and “Anchor Bar”, secondary sign LOGO, and “Original Buffalo Wing”, third sign LOGO only. In the end the look was very cohesive.

The client was very pleased with the outcome of the signs produced. Over the years we have been able to continue our relationship with them producing various other signs including wayfinding, custom wall wraps, and pop-up banners. Buffalos Anchor Bar in Rochester Hills continues to be a great place to catch a sports game to enjoy some great food!!

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