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About Shannon Precision        

Shannon Precision Fastener, founded in 2004, was established with a clear vision: to become the premier fastener company in North America. The company’s journey has been shaped by the enduring leadership principles instilled by Chuck O’Brien and Paul Morath. Today, the dedicated Shannon team remains committed to upholding their legacy, as articulated in Shannon’s Mission Statement.

The primary manufacturing facility, located in Madison Heights, Michigan, serves as both the birthplace of Shannon Precision and the home of its corporate offices. Spanning approximately 80,000 square feet, this cutting-edge facility is fully equipped to perform all essential operations involved in fastener manufacturing, including cold forming, pointing, thread rolling, and heat treatment. These processes ensure that every Shannon product meets the highest standards of quality and precision.

The strategic location in Madison Heights, just outside the automotive capital of Detroit, holds great significance for Shannon Precision Fastener. It positions the company at the heart of an industry that demands excellence, innovation, and reliability. This proximity enables Shannon to maintain close connections with customers, respond swiftly to their needs, and remain at the forefront of fastener technology and manufacturing.

At Shannon Precision Fastener, the commitment to excellence, precision, and customer satisfaction drives every aspect of the company’s operations. Shannon is proud of its legacy, excited about its future, and honored to be a trusted partner in the fastener industry.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy, in collaboration with Shannon Precision, has a history of successful projects, with Shannon being the parent company of Emerald Steel, one of Signarama’s key clients since their acquisition in 2013. Building upon this fruitful partnership, the team at Signarama Troy was tasked with enhancing Shannon Precision’s brand visibility along the prominent corridor near I-75.

The project began shortly after Signarama’s successful completion of a building sign project for Emerald Steel, which was also located along I-75. Recognizing the impact of effective branding in this high-traffic area, Shannon Precision sought to follow suit and illuminate their brand identity.

Given the size and scope of the project, Signarama Troy navigated the necessary approvals from the city board, a crucial step in ensuring compliance and adherence to local regulations. Fortunately, approval was granted, paving the way for the installation of a visually striking signage solution.

For Shannon Precision, Signarama Troy designed and installed 3.5-inch deep front-lit channel letters, carefully crafted to incorporate the Shannon Precision logo and feature a distinct green face color. The resulting signage is not only visually captivating but also strategically positioned to capture the attention of the daily high volume of traffic passing along I-75, just south of the 14 Mile corridor.


The collaboration between Signarama Troy and Shannon Precision has yielded significant results:

The installation of the 3.5-inch deep front-lit channel letters featuring Shannon Precision’s logo and signature green face color has substantially increased the company’s brand visibility along the I-75 corridor. This prominent signage ensures that Shannon Precision’s presence is noticed daily by the substantial traffic flow in the area.

Signarama Troy effectively navigated the city board’s approval process, securing the necessary permits and permissions to execute the project in compliance with local regulations. This demonstrated Signarama’s commitment to ensuring a smooth and legally compliant signage installation.

The signage solution designed and installed by Signarama Troy maintains consistency with Shannon Precision’s brand identity, reinforcing their commitment to a strong and cohesive visual representation.

The positioning of the illuminated signage along I-75, just south of the 14 Mile corridor, strategically targets a high-traffic area, maximizing its visibility and impact.

In summary, the partnership between Signarama Troy and Shannon Precision has resulted in a visually striking and strategically positioned signage solution. This project exemplifies Signarama’s dedication to delivering effective branding and visibility solutions for its valued clients, ultimately contributing to Shannon Precision’s continued success in the marketplace.

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