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About Revolve Cycling        

Revolve Cycling is redefining the group fitness experience, committed to making indoor cycling accessible, inclusive, and most importantly, fun for everyone. Whether individuals are just beginning their wellness journey or are seasoned athletes, Revolve offers a diverse range of classes designed to challenge participants, helping them leave each session feeling stronger and more accomplished than when they arrived.

Located on Big Beaver in Troy, Michigan, between Livernois and Rochester Roads, Revolve Cycling is more than just a fitness studio—it’s a community. Each class provides an opportunity to improve physical and mental health while also building meaningful connections with fellow riders. At Revolve, members find a supportive and celebratory environment where their achievements are shared and celebrated. Revolve Cycling is changing the face of group fitness, one ride at a time.

Project Overview – Signarama Troy and Revolve Cycling:

Signarama Troy partnered with Revolve Cycling to enhance the visibility and branding of their new studio located on Big Beaver in Troy, Michigan. The project involved producing and installing two front-lit channel letters for the exterior signage, ensuring that drivers along Big Beaver could easily spot the studio and recognize its location. Additionally, Signarama Troy crafted two custom interior halo-lit lobby signs. These signs are designed to provide a perfect glow, enhancing the ambiance of the studio, particularly when it is dark during cycling sessions. The combination of exterior visibility and interior aesthetic appeal was central to this project, reflecting Revolve Cycling’s commitment to accessibility, inclusivity, and a welcoming environment.

Importance of Visibility

Having a prominent and attractive sign is essential for any business, especially those located along busy roadways like Big Beaver Road in Troy. The high-visibility channel letters ensure that Revolve Cycling captures the attention of passing drivers and generates interest in their cycling classes. By providing clear and consistent signage, both inside and outside the studio, Revolve Cycling establishes a strong brand presence and makes it easy for potential customers to find them.


The signage produced by Signarama Troy successfully elevated Revolve Cycling’s presence in Troy. The front-lit channel letters on the exterior of the building ensure that the studio is highly visible to drivers along Big Beaver, making it easy for both new and returning clients to locate the studio. The custom interior halo-lit lobby signs not only enhance the studio’s ambiance but also provide a welcoming and motivating environment for clients during their workouts. The overall effect of the signage is a cohesive and professional appearance that aligns with Revolve Cycling’s brand identity and enhances the client experience.


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