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About Envalior:

Established in 2023 with a rich combined heritage of over 100 years, Envalior stands as a global engineering materials powerhouse, delivering innovative solutions to address the challenges of the modern world. Born from the merger of two industry leaders, DSM Engineering Materials (DEM) and LANXESS High Performance Materials (HPM), Envalior is under the ownership of the global private equity firm Advent International and specialty chemicals company LANXESS.

Envalior brings forth a 100-year legacy of customer-focused innovation and a robust global presence in Asia, Europe, and the US. The company offers a distinctive portfolio that includes leading product brands, recycled materials, and bio-based solutions, coupled with extensive expertise in applications and materials. This unique combination positions Envalior at the forefront of transformative industries, including automotive and new mobility, electronics and electrical, and consumer goods.

The corporate brand, Envalior, symbolizes a fusion of characteristics that encapsulate the company’s aspirations: “EN” representing engagement, enterprise, engineering, and environment, and “VALIOR” reflecting a commitment to value-driven and value-creating endeavors.

Project Overview:

Signarama Troy took on the exciting challenge of rebranding Envalior, a global engineering materials powerhouse formed by the merger of DSM Engineering Materials and LANXESS High Performance Materials. The primary objective was to effectively communicate the new company name and brand through strategic signage on their building. The project involved the installation of front-lit channel letters, individually mounted for maximum visibility and impact.

Considering the significance of this rebranding effort and the need to capture attention from the high traffic on I-75, Signarama Troy worked diligently to ensure the project’s success while staying within budget. The implementation plan focused on creating a visually striking sign that not only reflected the new brand identity but also stood out among the over 200,000 daily commuters on the highway.

To address the budget constraints, Signarama Troy’s team executed a cost-effective strategy without compromising on quality. The install crew played a pivotal role by fabricating a custom platform, ensuring a safe and efficient installation process for the front-lit channel letters. This innovative approach not only contributed to cost savings but also showcased Signarama Troy’s commitment to delivering practical and creative solutions.


The completion of the Envalior rebranding project by Signarama Troy has yielded outstanding results. The new signage, featuring front-lit channel letters, has become a prominent landmark visible to the more than 200,000 daily commuters on I-75. The individually mounted letters and the custom platform fabricated by the install crew have elevated the visibility and impact of the sign, ensuring it stands out effectively.

Importantly, Signarama Troy achieved these results while successfully adhering to the allocated budget. The cost-effective approach, combined with innovative solutions, not only met Envalior’s branding objectives but also contributed to the overall success of the project. The new sign not only communicates the Envalior brand effectively but also enhances the company’s presence, leaving a lasting impression on the vast audience passing by each day.

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