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Barton Malow is more than just a construction company. They lead the industry and serve their clients with innovation, technology, and continuous improvement. Their main motto is building with American Spirit. So when they have a project up for bid, you know we will be there to answer the call. Which is what we did for the Roseville High School interior ADA door sign project.

Barton Malow and Architect were in charge of completing the task of replacing all the interior ADA signage for the high school. Signarama submitted for bid and were lucky enough to obtain. We started the project by working with Barton Malow, the architect, and school by making a completed room schedule to make sure we were all on the same page with how many signs needed to be completed. After we all agreed on the number of signage, we went into submittals. This is where the architect and sign company agree on what materials would be used and the final look of the signs. This process went seamlessly and everyone agreed quickly. We were able to use a sign slide system that can be easily changed and replaced if the room name or number is modified. The signs were painted red and black to match the school’s colors. ADA braille was used to make all ADA signage compliant.

Our wonderful installers were excited to be able to install over 120 signs to give the school a cohesive look. They simply attached the backer plate of the sign to the wall, slid new sign in and replaced sidebar with tamper-proof screws. A lot of schools go with this type of signage because it doesn’t allow the students to be able to take it apart. Signarama Troy is proud to be industry leaders in ADA sign packages.

We had a great time with the crew at Barton Malow and Roseville High School working on this ADA sign project. This project ran completely smoothly and we were able to complete it in a timely matter. Roseville also reached out to us on 3 other projects since completing these signs. 

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