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About Select Restoration        

Select Restoration, with a legacy spanning over 30 years, is a trusted name in the restoration industry. Based in Southeast Michigan, they specialize in comprehensive restoration services, addressing fire, water, storm damage, and a wide range of other projects.

At Select Restoration, the customer is at the heart of everything they do. They firmly believe in open and transparent communication. When you choose Select Restoration, you can expect a team that listens closely to your needs, educates you about the process, and maintains an open line of communication throughout the entire restoration journey. Their approach is designed to guide you through the process without rushing or making you feel uncomfortable. They inform you about what to expect, when to expect it, and why each step is necessary.

One compelling reason to make Select Restoration your first call in times of disaster is their ability to handle everything for you. Once you’ve received the initial assessment and advice regarding the use of your insurance, the rest is seamless. All you need to do is initiate the insurance claim. From there, Select Restoration takes charge, managing the entire process. They handle cleanup, gather evidence, obtain estimates, interact with the insurance adjuster, and expertly negotiate to secure the maximum insurance claims money for you. Beyond that, they are there to help you rebuild, restore, or even upgrade your home to a pre-loss condition or even better.

Select Restoration’s commitment to making a difficult situation less stressful and more manageable makes them the ideal choice when you need restoration services. When you call Select Restoration, you’re choosing a partner who will not only restore your property but also bring peace of mind during challenging times.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy successfully completed a project for Select Restoration, which included the installation of halo lit letters and interior lobby signage. The project was initiated in response to Select Restoration’s recent logo rework, which aimed to convey a positive brand message and adopt a more modern and dynamic appearance. The new signage not only enhances the aesthetics of their space but also positions Select Restoration for future expansion and growth.

Project Details:

  1. Halo Lit Letters: The installation of halo lit letters prominently displayed Select Restoration’s updated logo. The use of halo lighting creates a visually striking effect by illuminating the letters from behind, making the logo both modern and eye-catching. This visual enhancement adds a touch of sophistication and ensures the logo stands out.
  2. Interior Lobby Signage: The interior lobby signage was designed to complement the brand’s new image. It integrates seamlessly with the overall office decor while effectively communicating Select Restoration’s mission and values. This signage further establishes a professional and welcoming atmosphere for clients, employees, and visitors.
  3. Positive Brand Message: The recent rework of Select Restoration’s logo was aimed at presenting a positive and forward-thinking brand message. The new design reflects the company’s commitment to excellence and innovation, setting the stage for future growth and expansion.
  4. Modern Look: The installation of modern halo lit letters and contemporary interior lobby signage aligns perfectly with Select Restoration’s aspiration for a more modern image. This modern look enhances their professional image and facilitates a more engaging and memorable brand presence.


The completion of the project for Select Restoration has delivered significant results that have profoundly impacted the company’s brand identity and its potential for future growth. The installation of halo lit letters and interior lobby signage has played a pivotal role in enhancing Select Restoration’s brand image. The updated logo and signage work in unison to convey a positive message that underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence and its forward-thinking approach to restoration services.

Furthermore, the new signage contributes to the creation of a highly professional atmosphere within Select Restoration’s workspace. It serves not only as a visual representation of the company’s mission and values but also as a symbol of warmth and welcome for clients, employees, and visitors alike. This harmonious integration of modern signage and brand values aligns with Select Restoration’s aspiration for a more contemporary image.

Most notably, the project’s outcomes position Select Restoration for future expansion and growth. The modern and dynamic appearance of the signage not only embodies the company’s current brand values but also establishes a robust foundation for future development. It is a strategic investment that reflects Select Restoration’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the industry. In summary, the successful implementation of the halo lit letters and interior lobby signage has not only improved Select Restoration’s brand image and professional appeal but has also paved the way for the company’s continued success and expansion in the field of restoration services.

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