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About 5 Points Community Church

Five Points Community Church located in Auburn Hills and is committed to glorifying God through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Its mission is to find joy in Christ alone and to extend this joy through gospel-centered worship, community, service, and mission.

At Five Points, joy is the cornerstone. The church believes that authentic joy is discovered in a deep connection with Christ, and this belief permeates every facet of its activities:

Project Overview

Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit recently partnered with 5 Points Community Church to bring a fresh look to their space through dynamic wall décor and engaging graphics. Arron, a member of 5 Points and involved in church operations, joined forces with Karen, the Children’s Director, to enlist Signarama’s expertise in elevating the church environment.

The decision to collaborate with 5 Points was straightforward, largely influenced by Tori and her team at Signarama, who presented an exceptional vision. The ideas they proposed went above and beyond, surpassing Arron and the team’s initial expectations and playing a pivotal role in sealing the partnership.

When considering different options, other companies claimed to fulfill the church’s requirements. However, Signarama stood out by not only ensuring they could meet the church’s needs but also by offering a broader perspective. Their innovative suggestions introduced elements that hadn’t crossed the church’s mind, which deeply resonated with Arron and his team.

Working alongside Tori and the Signarama team was a fantastic experience for 5 Points. The collaborative process flowed seamlessly, characterized by professionalism and creative thinking. The highlight of the journey was the initial meeting in Detroit, where the church was pleasantly surprised to find that Signarama had already prepared a preliminary presentation. This level of preparedness left a lasting impression, underlining the commitment and professionalism of the partnership.

One of the most impactful moments was when Signarama presented their first vision on paper. The creative concept exceeded expectations, leaving Arron and his team inspired by the boundless possibilities. The entire experience of working with Signarama brought a sense of professionalism and dedication to the project.

Ultimately, the collaboration between Signarama and 5 Points Community Church epitomized the potential of innovative thinking, collaborative efforts, and a shared commitment to transforming spaces for a profound impact.

The transformation brought about by the collaboration between Signarama Troy/Metro Detroit and 5 Points Community Church has yielded resounding success. The new wall designs and engaging graphics have been met with immense appreciation and enthusiasm from the church community.


Since the implementation of the project, the church has witnessed a renewed sense of vibrancy within its physical space. The innovative wall designs and thoughtfully crafted graphics have breathed new life into the environment, creating an atmosphere that aligns seamlessly with the church’s mission and values.

The church community’s response to the new additions has been overwhelmingly positive. Members have expressed their delight and admiration for the fresh look that Signarama helped create. The dynamic designs have not only captured attention but also enhanced the overall sense of belonging and unity among the congregation.

One of the most rewarding outcomes has been the emotional connection that the new designs have fostered. The church now boasts an environment that encourages introspection, reflection, and engagement. The graphics serve as visual reminders of the church’s purpose and aspirations, elevating the worship experience for everyone who enters.

Arron, Karen, and the entire team at 5 Points Community Church are elated with the results of their collaboration with Signarama. The walls now tell a story of unity, faith, and shared values, resonating deeply with the congregation and visitors alike.

In conclusion, the successful collaboration between Signarama and 5 Points Community Church has not only transformed physical spaces but has also enriched the church’s identity. The new wall designs and graphics stand as a testament to the power of creative collaboration and the ability to create meaningful, impactful environments.


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