Do Sign Twirlers Really Increase Sales? And Other Sign Related FAQs

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Maybe you haven’t heard them called by this name “sign twirlers,” but you’ve sure seen them. Sign twirlers are the people who stand on the street corner and use a sign to garner attention for an area business. There are several different names for them, but “sign twirlers” help you out by providing a mental picture of what some of them do.

And note that we said it provides a mental picture of what some of them do. Of course, not all sign twirlers offer the same performance to passersby. In fact, sign twirling routines can range from nearly non-existent to stunning (and probably everything in between).

Do sign twirlers really increase sales?

While there’s no guarantee that you’ll experience a good ROI in your particular situation, a sign spinner can be worth it according to the director of Liberty Tax. On Janet Nguyen writes, “Martha O’Gorman, Liberty Tax’s chief marketing officer, said that for every two hours a Liberty store has a waver outside, they typically get one customer.”

Below the surface

As with marketing and advertising generally, take time to determine what effect you hope to achieve when you begin a new campaign or program. Keep in mind that a sign spinner could have an effect that’s not immediately apparent. While some companies may be looking to increase walk-ins immediately, it’s possible that the advertising you do today may offer results tomorrow.

For instance, maybe your sign twirler won’t convince anyone to enter your pizza shop for today’s special. Still, it’s possible that passing drivers will remember your shop next time they’re hungry for pizza. And they may even think “That’s the place that always has great deals” based on what they saw on the street corner.

Professional sign spinner in Tampa. OCTAVIA JONES under Tampa Bay Times

What colors should I use for my sign?

You’re going to put time, money, and effort behind your company’s sign. Understandably, you want to make a good investment which is why you may be wondering whether any colors are better than others.

Certain colors could affect viewers in different ways. As you choose your colors, you may enjoy gathering ideas from what some say about how different colors are perceived. Start by checking out The Logo Company’s infographic shared in Jeff Desjardin’s article about color choice. And is it any surprise that Cassel Promotions & Signs identifies yellow as a color that “Symbolizes alertness, cheerfulness, happiness, and warmth”?

On the other hand, keep in mind that Gregory Ciotti makes a good point on as he points out that it’s not a definite science. He says, “Bottom line: There are no clear-cut guidelines for choosing your brand’s colors. “It depends” is a frustrating answer, but it’s the truth.”

Still, he doesn’t advocate ignoring the whole field. And if you’re interested gathering some color-related inspiration, Canva’s Build your brand: 20 unique and memorable color palettes to inspire you might help get you thinking creatively. Then, for more information on creating good signs, check out our Tips And Tricks To Creating The Most Effective Signs For Marketing.

Do I need a sign?

While this one is pretty basic, you may be wondering if you need a sign for your business. Plus, you may be thinking If I do need a sign, why? If this is the direction your thoughts are taking you head over to our The Importance Of Good Signage & The Psychology Behind How It Works.

Can I put my business sign anywhere I want?

Wondering about the limits on where you can place your company’s sign? It’s great that you’re thinking about this. Checking into sign placement do’s and don’ts before setting up a sign is a wise way to avoid trouble later. No, you can’t necessarily put your sign anywhere you want, as certain Detroit businesses can attest. While your sign company may be able to help you out with information here, be sure you also do your own due diligence.

Make an impression (and make it a good one)

As you create your own sign, you may find it useful to begin with the end in mind, as they say. If your sign is part of a broader advertising campaign, identify outcomes you hope to achieve. Then, you can design your sign to fit with those objectives.

Choose your sign company wisely

And don’t hesitate to learn from the wisdom of a good sign company. They may be able to help you with sign design in addition to construction. Plus, look for a company that will be responsive to your needs. And you can always ask to see successful projects they’ve already completed—that way, you’ll feel more confident about working with them.

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