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If you are in search of a dentist for your cosmetic and family dental needs, Wolfson Dental is the right choice. Based in Oak Park, their skilled team can provide services that include teeth whitening and veneers to implants, dentures, bridges, and crowns.

Project Overview

In 2016 Dr. Wolfson reached out to Signarama in need of a couple of wall signs for his new building. Upon initial consultation at the client’s site, we determined that in order to get the best exposure, a sign would need to be installed on the north and south elevations of the building. By doing this, both northbound and southbound traffic would surely not miss the dental office.

While working up the preliminary design concept, we reached out to the city to confirm the zoning restrictions. Unfortunately, this is where we ran into an obstacle. Based on Oak Park’s code, this address was only permitted one wall sign and we would have to pursue a variance to grant special approval for an additional sign. We certainly had a good case to justify the need for the signs based on the building being on a major thoroughfare and it also having frontage on a side street. Additionally, by having the signs on either side as opposed to just the front of the building, this would give drivers optimal warning of the office coming up so they were able to properly slow down as they approach. With this justifiable reasoning we went ahead with the variance.

The variance was indeed approved!! Both reasons indicated above helped our case, along with the fact that the city really appreciated that the design was cohesive with with Wolfson Dental’s building design and we weren’t trying to push some large flashy sign. Our concept was a custom shaped aluminum sign with 3D letters for the logo applied to the front of the face. The aluminum panel was a duranodic bronze color and the letters were ½” thick black acrylic with a brushed silver laminate. After the sign was installed the client added on gooseneck lighting to accent the sign at night.

The Result

As a result of patience in the process and taking the extra time to move ahead with the variance, the client truly received exactly what he wanted, two simple, but very classy signs on the building! Wolfson Family Dental plans on continuing to grow and work with clients in the greater Oak Park community and beyond.

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