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About Welker    

For over 80 years, Welker Engineered Products has been a leading provider of solutions aimed at enhancing performance and reliability for various industries. With a strong reputation for excellence, Welker serves a diverse range of sectors, including automotive and transportation, industrial, agricultural, marine, and special machinery. The company takes pride in its ability to understand the unique application needs of its customers and deliver innovative solutions that cater to those requirements.

Welker has successfully established its presence across multiple industries, such as automotive and transportation, industrial, agricultural, marine, and special machinery. The company’s extensive experience and deep understanding of these sectors enable them to offer tailored solutions that address specific challenges and drive improved outcomes.

Over the last two decades, Welker has expanded its offerings to include a range of “Best-in-Class” automation components. These components are designed to seamlessly integrate into modern manufacturing environments, providing maintenance-free solutions that align with the demands of flexible production processes. This evolution showcases Welker’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements and supporting the changing needs of manufacturers.

Welker Engineered Products is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, strategically situated in the heart of the automotive community. This central location allows the company to maintain close proximity to key industry players, fostering collaboration and ensuring that their solutions remain well-aligned with the needs of the automotive sector.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy embarked on a project to revamp the signage for their new client, Welker Engineered Products. Located at a highly visible spot along I-75 in Troy, Michigan, Welker’s headquarters drew attention from over 200,000 passing vehicles. The goal was to update Welker’s building sign, which had become outdated, and align it with their refreshed branding.

In response to the client’s needs, Signarama recommended the installation of a channel letter sign with neon lighting elements. This approach not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the sign but also utilized neon lighting to create a dynamic visual impact. Recognizing the importance of energy efficiency and longevity, Signarama proposed an LED illumination system, ensuring that the new sign was not only visually appealing but also environmentally conscious and durable.


The collaboration between Signarama Troy and Welker Engineered Products resulted in a remarkable transformation. The new channel letter sign with LED illumination not only breathed new life into Welker’s branding but also offered energy efficiency and longevity, showcasing the company’s commitment to modern solutions.

Beyond the immediate project, this successful engagement fostered a strong and enduring relationship between Signarama and Welker. Subsequently, Signarama Troy expanded its support to Welker, producing an array of additional signage solutions. These included vinyl graphics, interior signs, directional signs, and event signage, contributing to Welker’s overall brand presence.

The ongoing partnership between Signarama and Welker exemplifies how effective collaboration can lead to a profound impact on branding, visibility, and client relationships. Signarama’s comprehensive approach not only revitalized Welker’s visual identity but also continues to play a crucial role in strengthening the Welker brand across various contexts.

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