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Vito Anthony

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About The Client

The property manager at Vito Anthony reached out to us via phone to see if we could help him. He was in the market for a second monument sign. There was an existing multi-tenant sign for another set of his buildings that we had to match in order to create a second one. The old sign for that set of buildings only held about 3 panels and that location needed more.

Project Overview

This was one of our first cabinet signs with as many different separate panels as this client needed. We were excited to perfect our craft with signs like this. There was not much discussion on the design since we knew we had to match the client’s other monument sign. The client was specific about wanting to make it easy to swap vinyl or panels when the tenant moves out and new ones move in.

For the permitting, we had no issues getting the sign approved, we just needed to make sure the set back was cleared, per the city ordinance. Once that was done, we were good for fabrication!

For the installation, we had struggles with the footing of the cabinet sign. There was a limited area to place the new sign and the footing for the existing sign needed to be avoided. We had to make multiple trips out to the site to make the footing work so that there were no issues in the future.

The Result

The project took about 2 months to complete from start to finish. Our client was extremely happy with the final product.

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