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About Trigo Global Solutions

Trigo Global Quality Solutions stands as a leading provider of operational quality management solutions across industries such as automotive, e-mobility, aerospace, and heavy transportation. With a vast network comprising 550 manufacturing sites worldwide, including over 50 locations in Michigan and 152 in the United States, Trigo’s reach is extensive.

Specializing in comprehensive quality solutions, Trigo offers a range of services from corrective to preventive actions aimed at mitigating potential nonconformities during manufacturing processes. Their expertise ensures seamless production and heightened efficiency in diverse industrial settings.

Driven by a commitment to excellence, Trigo provides tailored quality management and consulting services to elevate manufacturing standards globally. Their dedication to innovation and efficiency positions them as a trusted partner for companies seeking to enhance their quality management processes and achieve operational excellence on a global scale.

Project Overview:

Trigo Global Quality Solutions, leasing an industrial space in Auburn Hills, Michigan, faced a signage dilemma. Michigan’s climate throws everything at signs – scorching summer sun, bone-chilling winters, and unpredictable high winds. Two sign companies offered conflicting material recommendations, leaving Trigo’s property manager unsure which option would ensure a durable and attractive sign.

Seeking expert guidance, the property manager contacted Signarama Troy. There, Paul Ferguson, a material specialist, stepped in to provide invaluable advice. Understanding Trigo’s concerns, Paul didn’t just recommend materials – he conducted a thorough site survey. This on-site inspection allowed him to assess the specific requirements and specifications for Trigo’s signage.

Paul Ferguson’s expertise went beyond material selection. With a focus on professionalism and a commitment to finding the perfect solution, he addressed Trigo’s anxieties about material durability and secure attachment to the on-site monument structure. This tailored approach demonstrated Signarama Troy’s dedication to exceptional service and quality signage fabrication. Ultimately, Paul Ferguson’s invaluable guidance played a pivotal role in securing the signage project for Signarama Troy, ensuring a seamless and successful collaboration with Trigo Global Quality Solutions.


Thanks to Signarama Troy’s expertise and guidance, Trigo Global Quality Solutions now boasts a fully customized and durable signage solution at their Auburn Hills, Michigan location. The property manager’s concerns about signage material and durability were effectively addressed, providing peace of mind amidst Michigan’s challenging weather conditions.

The collaboration between Trigo and Signarama Troy resulted in a successful project outcome, with the Norma Group building now at 100% occupancy and boasting a professional and visually appealing signage solution. Paul Ferguson’s dedication to providing expert advice and quality service was instrumental in winning the deal and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Overall, Signarama Troy’s professionalism, expertise, and commitment to customer needs facilitated a seamless and successful signage project, further strengthening the partnership between Trigo Global Quality Solutions and Signarama Troy.

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