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It seems that just about everyone has a smartphone these days. Now imagine tapping into that market for your business. QR codes (or quick response codes) have been around for a while now and people finally know what to do with one when they see one. But many times it depends on the placement of the QR code, because if the code isn’t accessible, then there’s no reason to have one.

When we were asked by Centurion Services, specializing in carpet, tile and upholstery cleaning, to produce some large 16″ x 16″ magnets, we were happy to help. Through the use of magnets, Centurion understand the importance of the placement of QR codes, as they can move them into high-traffic and accessible areas.

If you are needing a sign created on a magnetic material for your company, contact Signarama Troy sign company. We will be happy to quickly create the signage your company needs.

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