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Since 1951, Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical has established itself as a trusted name in HVAC and electrical services, extending its reach to proudly serve the communities of Troy, Lake Orion, Oxford, and the neighboring areas. With a remarkable track record spanning over seven decades, they have emerged as a fundamental pillar in delivering exceptional solutions for all heating, cooling, and electrical requirements.

When customers opt for Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical, they are selecting a team of dedicated professionals who prioritize their comfort and safety above all else. The company offers an extensive array of services designed to ensure that residential and commercial properties remain comfortable, energy-efficient, and fully operational throughout the year.

The comprehensive range of services provided by Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical includes expertise in heating solutions. The company specializes in residential and commercial gas furnaces, as well as boilers. Whether the need is for installation, repair, or ongoing maintenance, Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical stands prepared to provide comprehensive solutions, ensuring warmth and comfort during the harsh winters that Michigan often experiences.

Project Overview

Ove the years, Signarama Troy has been entrusted with a significant project by Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical to transform their fleet of over 20 vehicles with custom vehicle graphics, vehicle wraps, and fleet branding solutions. The objective was clear: enhance the visual identity of the company’s vehicles while ensuring consistency and professionalism across the entire fleet.

Services Provided

  1. Custom Vehicle Graphics: Signarama Troy’s expert team meticulously designed and executed custom graphics that not only showcased Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical’s branding but also conveyed their commitment to quality and reliability. Each design was tailored to fit the unique characteristics of the vehicles while maintaining a cohesive brand image.
  2. Vehicle Wraps: To make a bold and memorable statement on the road, Signarama Troy applied high-quality vehicle wraps to the fleet. These wraps not only protected the vehicles’ original paint but also acted as mobile billboards, promoting the company’s services to a broader audience.
  3. Fleet Graphics: Consistency across a fleet of vehicles is essential for brand recognition. Signarama Troy ensured that every vehicle in the Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical fleet received consistent graphics and branding elements. This approach reinforced the professionalism and reliability associated with the company.
  4. Fleet Branding Solutions: Beyond individual vehicle graphics, Signarama Troy provided comprehensive fleet branding solutions. This encompassed strategic placement of logos, contact information, and key messaging to maximize the impact of the branding across the entire fleet.


The collaboration between Signarama Troy and Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical yielded outstanding results that extended beyond the aesthetics of the vehicles. Here are some of the notable outcomes:

  1. Enhanced Brand Visibility: The custom vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps significantly increased the visibility of Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical’s brand. The eye-catching designs turned each vehicle into a moving advertisement, effectively reaching potential customers wherever they went.
  2. Consistent Brand Image: The fleet graphics and branding solutions ensured a consistent and professional brand image across all vehicles in the fleet. This consistency reinforced the company’s commitment to excellence and reliability.
  3. Increased Brand Trust: With the newly branded fleet, Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical instilled a sense of trust and credibility in their target audience. Potential customers were more likely to choose a company that presented a polished and professional image.
  4. Expanded Market Reach: The fleet branding solutions not only enhanced local visibility but also expanded the company’s market reach. The branded vehicles acted as mobile advertisements that reached potential clients in previously untapped areas.

In conclusion, Signarama Troy’s expertise in custom vehicle graphics, vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, and fleet branding solutions played a pivotal role in transforming Royal Oak Heating Cooling & Electrical’s fleet into a powerful marketing tool. The project resulted in increased brand visibility, consistency, trust, and market reach, contributing to the company’s overall success and growth.

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