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About The Client

Precision Strip was founded in 1977 and has earned the title of the world’s most premier toll processor with 13 locations nationwide. They strive to provide a quality product and they needed a sign that represented this. Their location in Woodhaven has a large flow of commercial traffic with large vehicles visiting the building daily. They were noticing that the drivers were often confused as to what entrance to come in through and it was causing issues that needed to be resolved.

Project Overview

The completed sign was placed at the main entrance to assist in guiding traffic. The bottom base has a faux brick veneer with custom brick colors hand selected by Precision Strip. The top arch and main cabinet were fabricated out of aluminum with custom reverse laid vinyl to allow for the branding to pop at night.

This sign also allowed for drivers’ safety as it is a breakaway style monument sign, meaning if impacted by a vehicle, the sign will literally “break away” from its footer and not harm the driver. Due to the heavy amount of commercial traffic, this was an important part of designing this sign.

The best part of selecting a monument sign is the sheer versatility at your disposal. They come in nearly every size, shape, color, and material imaginable, and with that comes the option to create a sign within your budget. They can be extremely cost-effective, especially when you consider using panels that imitate the costlier stone and brick materials, such as what was achieved with Precision Strip.

The Result

The end result was a beautiful monument sign that checked off all the customer’s boxes. We were able to tie in the customer’s manufacturing elements and branding that allowed for easy driver maneuverability, while also ensuring driver safety.

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