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Marian High School, located in Bloomfield Hills, MI, is a premier private and faith-based school in southeastern Michigan. The school draws students from more than 45 communities and offers programs that help young women build friendships, fellowship, and strong minds and hearts.

Marian High School is a community that helps young women develop a strong core of wisdom, character, and service that will guide them throughout their lives. The school offers grades 8-12 and is dedicated to providing an exemplary Catholic college preparatory program for young women.

Founded in 1959, Marian High School is accredited by the AdvancED Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, and the academic program offers many opportunities for academic and intellectual growth by providing college preparatory classes, honors classes, and Advanced Placement courses. The school also embeds leadership and community service experiences in the life of the school to help young women become well-rounded leaders in their communities.

Marian High School welcomes students of all faiths, and Campus Ministry offers experiences that support students in their spiritual growth and engages them in leadership and service both in the school and around the Metro Detroit area. Overall, Marian High School prepares young women to be leaders in their communities, strong in faith, and ready to excel in college and beyond. 

 Project Overview

Signarama Troy has had a long-standing partnership with Marian High School, providing them with various signage needs such as plaques, record boards, and banners. However, the school approached the Signarama team with a unique project for their hall of fame wall. The wall was located right outside the main gym entryway on a cinderblock wall, and the school wanted a “graphic mural” to be installed.

The Signarama team offered multiple solutions for wrapping the cinder block wall, including using a film that conforms to the block, resulting in a print that looks almost like it’s painted, or skinning the wall with aluminum and applying the graphic film to the panels for a smooth surface. The school chose the latter option.

The Signarama team worked diligently to skin every piece of the wall surface, including cutting around the TV and outlets. To add a finishing touch, the team installed the school’s logo above the entryway with a soft LED backlit glow, giving the wall a polished and professional look.

The Result

The custom graphic mural that Signarama Troy installed at Marian High School was a resounding success, delivering a transformative visual experience that surpassed the school’s expectations. By utilizing high-quality materials and expert installation techniques, the Signarama team was able to create a stunning display that captures the essence of the school’s values and mission, while also serving as a source of inspiration for current and future students. The mural is a testament to the power of design and how it can help elevate a space and communicate a message, making it an excellent addition to Marian High School’s campus.

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