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Formsprag Clutch Regal Rexnord

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Formsprag Clutch in Warren, MI

About Formsprag Clutch Regal Rexnord             

Formsprag Clutch, a global leader headquartered in Warren, Michigan, specializing in superior overrunning clutch technologies. With over 50 years of expertise, Formsprag is renowned for designing and manufacturing long-life overrunning clutches, backstops, bi-directional clutches, and clutch couplings.

Known for the broadest range of both sprag and ramp & roller type overrunning clutches and backstops, Formsprag’s reliable solutions thrive in diverse industries such as mining, aerospace & defense, packaging, food processing, material handling, and paper converting machinery.

Explore the world of Formsprag Clutch to experience cutting-edge solutions that set the industry standard.

Project Overview

Signarama Troy took on a challenging project in collaboration with Formsprag Clutch to address an issue with the ground sign installed on their property. The initial installation by another sign company lacked the necessary city permits, triggering a comprehensive effort to bring all signage up to code.

The project required Signarama Troy to submit sign permits and apply for variances, leading to a rigorous five-month process to meet city regulations and compliance standards. The objective was to rectify the permit situation and provide Formsprag Clutch with signage that not only adhered to local requirements but also enhanced their brand visibility and recognition.


After months of dedicated efforts, Signarama Troy successfully obtained the required permits and variances to proceed with the signage project for Formsprag Clutch. The culmination of this endeavor resulted in the installation of a new Wall Sign. This newly installed sign not only brings Formsprag Clutch’s signage into compliance with city codes but also serves as a prominent marker for travelers on Hoover Road in Warren.

The Wall Sign now effectively communicates the presence of Formsprag Clutch to passersby, contributing to increased brand visibility and recognition. Additionally, the signage warmly welcomes both employees and visitors to the Formsprag Clutch facility. Signarama Troy’s commitment to overcoming regulatory challenges and delivering a quality solution underscores their dedication to client success and satisfaction.

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