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Comprehensive Dentistry of Waterford was referred to us through our local business networking efforts at BNI. We love networking with businesses across Metro Detroit!

They had a boring and traditional ground cabinet sign and were looking to create more of a custom monument sign that would stand out in their community. They had one sign already but wanted a second one. This sign would be non-illuminated. To stay with the color palette and look of the building, Comprehensive Dentistry chose to go with brick, with a stucco upper section. They mixed in brushed silver dimensional letters to add layers. We came up with the design from there.

The Owners of Comprehensive Dentistry had an idea of what they wanted their sign to look like. They wanted to keep a uniformed look between the building and the signage. Since the building facade was brick, the new signage would have a brick base. Combine that with brushed silver dimensional letters and we had a fantastic foundation for the design. With the brick base, we carried a stucco cabinet from the base to the desired height of the monuments sign. Add a touch of color and mount the dimensional letters and you have a custom-designed monument sign.

Per the municipality code, Comprehensive Dentistry could not have two signs on the property. If they wanted to continue with the secondary sign, they had to get a variance from the city. A just-cause was needed for two signs. Lucky for them, the property they were on was unique. Even though it was not located on a corner, it still had access to two roads (Williams Lake Rd & Airport Rd.). This gave them approval for the second sign! Our team specializes in permitting and sign variance appointments!

With approval from the city, the permit was issued and we got right to work on their order!

If you are ever in their area, go check out Comprehensive Dentistry’s sign! You can easily see the sign as the sunshine reflects off of the brushed silver to give you easy visibility, without overwhelming your sight!

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