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Clora Funeral Home is committed to caring, quality, affordable service. Their staff of seasoned professionals have designed a full spectrum of services around the family’s they serve. From the well-guided seamless planning process, to the magnetic vehicle magnets on the cars, Clora Funeral Home will cater to meet or exceed your expectations.

The vehicle magnets at Clora Funeral Home are classic and simple. After all, you know what they say, “less is more.” Since all the Clora Funeral Home vehicles are black, the background on each of the car magnets is a gloss black to better blend with the vehicle. The simple gold tone text provides that classic look of prestige that sets them apart from any visiting vehicles. Magnetics or Vehicle Magnets are a popular choice for people who do not want permanent or semi-permanent graphics on their car or truck. They can be applied and/or removed in less than a second at any given moment. When you purchase magnetics from Signarama Troy, you’ll receive care instructions for your magnetics to ensure they last a very long time.

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