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Howie Glass is your premier destination for custom glass solutions in Royal Oak, MI, and its neighboring communities, including Rochester, MI and Birmingham, MI.

Specializing in shower doors, they elevate your daily bathroom experience with expertly crafted designs that seamlessly integrate with your decor, bringing both beauty and functionality to your space. From framed to frameless, Euro-style to custom, Howie Glass offers an extensive range of shower door options tailored to suit your preferences and needs.

In addition to shower doors, Howie Glass provides a comprehensive array of glass products and services, including custom mirrors, table top glass, storm doors, screens, windows, tempered and laminated safety glass, patterned glass, and insulated glass. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and customer satisfaction, Howie Glass is your trusted partner for all your glass-related needs, ensuring durability, style, and safety in every installation and repair project.

Project Overview – Signarama Troy and Howie Glass:

When Howie Glass, a trusted name in the community for over 110 years, sought to enhance their visibility and reach in the local area, they turned to Signarama Troy for an effective advertising solution. With a commitment to serving the community through their comprehensive glass services, including shower door installations, custom mirror work, storefront and door repairs, and more, Howie Glass recognized the value of utilizing their vehicles as mobile billboards to amplify their message.

Signarama Troy collaborated closely with Howie Glass to design and install eye-catching vehicle graphics that effectively communicated their brand message and services. With a modest investment of less than $1,000, Howie Glass could transform their vehicle into powerful marketing tools, ensuring their presence was felt throughout the community as they conducted their daily operations.


The collaboration between Howie Glass and Signarama Troy yielded significant results, exponentially increasing the visibility and recognition of the Howie Glass brand in the community. By strategically adorning their vehicle with vibrant and compelling graphics showcasing their range of services, Howie Glass achieved widespread exposure to thousands of residents on a daily basis.

The investment in vehicle advertising proved to be highly cost-effective, with the modest initial outlay generating significant returns in terms of brand awareness and customer engagement. The Howie Glass message became an integral part of the local landscape, reinforcing their position as the go-to destination for premium glass solutions in the area.

With their vehicles now serving as powerful mobile advertisements, Howie Glass continues to make a lasting impression on the community as they carry out their essential services, further solidifying their reputation as a trusted and reliable partner for over a century.

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